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Keyboard not working

By @arthurl
    2023-02-01 14:19:30.005Z

    Hello Guys,

    We've bought TiniPilot2 for about 6 months ago, but we never were satisfied. The keyboard simply crashes in BIOS, in different Linux systems like Centos 7, Almalinux 8 and others. Also a lot of video glitches.

    I don't understand why so, because we expected similar functionality like Lantronix Spider KVM where no problems at all. We also have very old Raritan dkx2-101v2 which doesn't support HTML5 but does its job. We're primarily trying to use it on Supermicro servers, Dells and HPs.

    Is there anybody who is able to fix it? What details we can provide to make it works?

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    1. C
      In reply toarthurl:

      Hi @arthurl, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your TinyPilot device.

      It’s very unusual for the connected device to report a keyboard error, so we’ll need to investigate this a bit further. Can you please send me a link to your TinyPilot debug logs, which you can obtain by going to System, then Logs and then choosing Get Sharable URL. This could be a hardware fault, so if possible, could you please try with an alternative USB-C to USB-A cable (or USB-C to USB-C if that’s an option too)?

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      2. A
          2023-02-01 14:36:11.017Z

          As an example - I'm trying to access Centos 7 system by simply entering the root password - keyboard failed

          The only workaround is to reboot TiniPilot, but it makes no sense - next time keyboard will crash again.

          1. A
              2023-02-01 14:38:48.600Z

              Another case - I was trying to edit BIOS settings on the server - Keyboard crashed - tried to restart TiniPilot - no. The server stuck in BIOS, the only workaround is to have it recycled via PDU...