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No keyboard/mouse only at Filevault login screen

By Mike Nestor @BaconKiller2021-04-30 18:34:47.332Z

I've been playing with the hobbyest kit and have had no issues with a few linux systems. I had a friend get the Voyager for use with a headless Mac Mini she has. The keyboard and mouse don't work until we get past the filevault login screen. Kind of defeating the purpose of getting it! Darnit!

If I plug another keyboard in I can see the typing can get by then the tinypilot keyboard and mouse emulation work. I read in another post here about tinypilot emulating a usb hub. I've used usb hubs before to connect a keyboard/mouse to that system without issue so I'm thinking it isn't that.

What other things can I look at?

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-04-30 21:19:36.304Z

    Thanks for reporting this. I haven't heard this before and I believe many TinyPilot customers manage Mac Minis, so I'm hoping we can figure out what's going wrong.

    If I plug another keyboard in I can see the typing can get by then the tinypilot keyboard and mouse emulation work.

    If you plug in another keyboard, then TinyPilot works on FileVault? Or it only works after you complete FileVault login with the physical keyboard?

    Can you share the log file from the Voyager? (System > Logs)

    1. BMike Nestor @BaconKiller2021-05-01 11:53:43.453Z

      Looks like it didn't see it being connected when at the FV screen?
      Apr 30 13:54:13 tinypilot python[585]: [2021-04-30 13:54:13,952] ERROR in socket_api: Failed to forward mouse event: Failed to write to HID interface: /dev/hidg1. Is USB cable connected?

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-04 21:29:16.508Z

        If you plug in another keyboard, does TinyPilot works on the FileVault screen? Or does TinyPilot keyboard input only work after you complete FileVault login with the physical keyboard?

        1. BMike Nestor @BaconKiller2021-05-14 16:46:52.831Z

          Apologies, I've been self isolating. I hope to go test this, something I should have thought to check the first time, soon. The system in question did do a secure reboot last night, so skipped the filevault login, and I was able to do the second login without issue. Not really any news, good or bad, though since I could do that with ARD anyway. I hope to be able to go check with a keyboard plugged in next week.

          1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-14 19:41:16.439Z

            ServeTheHome reviewed the Voyager and reported a similar issue. Is this an M1 Mac Mini?

            I'm wondering if the Mac Mini whitelists keyboards by HID identifiers. If you'd like to test my theory, you can plug in a keyboard to the Mac Mini, run lsusb from the Mac Mini to get the HID IDs of the USB devices, and then paste it into these lines of /opt/tinypilot-privileged/init-usb-gadget:

            echo 0x1d6b > idVendor  # Linux Foundation
            echo 0x0104 > idProduct # Multifunction Composite Gadget

            (first number becomes idVendor, second number becomes idProduct)

            1. BMike Nestor @BaconKiller2021-05-18 15:00:10.078Z

              Tried with external keyboard plugged in and that didn't work. It is not an M1. I did try to lsusb but since it doesn't exists I used system_profiler. That didn't not work either.

              1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-18 19:19:34.135Z

                Sorry, I can't think of anything else to try. I'm not sure why FileVault isn't accepting input.

                If your friend would like to arrange a return, I'll offer a full refund including return shipping.

                1. BMike Nestor @BaconKiller2021-05-18 22:17:56.271Z

                  I don't think that is nessessary, it is still useful just not as much as we'd hoped. I might not be able to just remote in and reboot the system as needed but I can at least remotely connect and tell her to plug a keyboard in and type a password way easier than I could tell her to plug a monitor and keyboard in and then tell me what she sees. I'm sure this issue will be resolved at some point.

                  I'd plug my hacker version into a system here to play with more but all I have are mac laptops with usb-c ports so I'm sure that will be WAY different. I've seen where my CalDigit dock doesn't always allow me to enter passwords at FileVault on them but that was random. Some days they work others they don't.

                  Oh wait, I do have an older Air I can try this out on. Will do that soon and let you know what I find.

                  1. In reply tomichael:
                    C@c302021-08-02 21:18:35.514Z


                    Is there any way to make this work? We are having the same issue and it's very important to be able to unlock a MacOS computer remotely - otherwise the password must be shared with a remote user. Is it possible to simulate a keyboard so that the MacOS will allow typing?

                    1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-08-03 19:03:17.880Z

                      Unfortunately we haven't found a solution for this. It seems to be a limitation of our hardware, so we're looking into alternate hardware that FileVault will accept.

      2. S
        In reply toBaconKiller:
        Luca Soldaini @soldni2021-05-14 23:54:38.579Z

        Hello! New Voyager user here. I haven't tested your workaround, but I'm am experiencing the same issue. Running a 2018 Intel Mac Mini on macos 11.3. I will report back once I have a chance to try it :)