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In Device Manager under "Audio Inputs & outputs" I see "TinyPilot (Intel(R) Display Audio)"

By Track @trackoid
    2023-02-15 19:05:23.112Z2023-02-16 12:58:10.992Z

    I have already changed the EDID to replace the Toshiba-H2C string. But this "TinyPilot (Intel(R) Display Audio)" continues to show in the Audio section.

    Where can I change this?

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    1. C

      Hi Track, thanks for reaching out with your question about what you're seeing in the Device Manager. I've checked and the identifier before "Display Audio" is taken from the EDID as you've correctly identified. The only way to change this value is to replace the EDID with a manually modified version.

      I note that you said you've already edited the EDID. Our old EDID would have registered as a generic monitor whereas our new new EDID does contain "TinyPilot" as the "Product Name". We haven't rolled this out to TinyPilot Pro customers just yet, but it's possible that changes you made previously could have been overwritten if you've updated your EDID at some point.

      1. T
        In reply totrackoid:
        Track @trackoid
          2023-02-16 16:42:03.389Z2023-02-16 17:09:41.863Z

          Is this the same EDID: /home/ustreamer/edids/tc358743-edid.hex ?

          I had updated it with this command on one of your other posts: Of course I changed "TinyPilot" with some other equivalent text. Here is what I used.

          readonly EDID="/home/ustreamer/edids/tc358743-edid.hex"
          echo -ne "" | sudo tee "${EDID}" && \
            echo '00ffffffffffff0052628888008888882d1e0103' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '800000781aee91a3544c99260f50547fef8081c0' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '8140810081809500a9c081406140271f80f07138' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '164038c0350040442100001eec2c80a070381a40' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '3020350040442100001e000000fc004153555320' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '4d5131360a202020000000fd003b3d0f2e100000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '000000000000014702031c734c010204139f2021' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '223c3d3e3c2066030c00300080e2007f00000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            echo '0000000000000000000000000000006b' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
            sudo v4l2-ctl --device=/dev/video0 --set-edid=file="${EDID}" --fix-edid-checksums
          1. C
            In reply totrackoid:

            You can indeed find the current EDID under /home/ustreamer/edids/tc358743-edid.hex. It looks like the example in your message is our old EDID, so it's possible it's been overwritten since then.

            Can you please check that the file above contains your modified EDID by running the following command in your SSH session?

            cat /home/ustreamer/edids/tc358743-edid.hex

            Assuming the file does contain your modified EDID, can you please try re-running the final command as shown below and checking if any error messages are displayed?

            sudo v4l2-ctl --device=/dev/video0 --set-edid=file=/home/ustreamer/edids/tc358743-edid.hex --fix-edid-checksums
            1. T
              In reply totrackoid:
              Track @trackoid
                2023-02-16 18:04:09.836Z2023-02-16 19:16:50.860Z

                Yes, the EDID under /home/ustreamer/edids/tc358743-edid.hex does contain my text (ASUS).

                Here are the results of running that second command:

                CTA-861 Header
                  IT Formats Underscanned: yes
                  Audio:                   yes
                  YCbCr 4:4:4:             yes
                  YCbCr 4:2:2:             yes
                HDMI Vendor-Specific Data Block
                  Physical Address:
                  YCbCr 4:4:4 Deep Color:  no
                  30-bit:                  no
                  36-bit:                  no
                  48-bit:                  no
                CTA-861 Video Capability Descriptor
                  RGB Quantization Range:  yes
                  YCC Quantization Range:  no
                  PT:                      Supports both over- and underscan
                  IT:                      Supports both over- and underscan
                  CE:                      Supports both over- and underscan

                Could there be a different EDID for the Audio connection part of this?

                1. C
                  In reply totrackoid:
                  Charles Hague @cghague2023-02-17 11:20:06.497Z2023-02-17 11:28:12.194Z

                  Thanks for checking that, there is only a single EDID and it looks like it is being applied correctly. One possibility is that the target computer has cached the “TinyPilot” identifier at some point. Does it revert to a different name if you disconnect your TinyPilot device or connect a different monitor temporarily?

                  1. TTrack @trackoid
                      2023-02-18 10:26:38.474Z

                      Here is the original EDID I'm pasting from a backup...


                      The only text here is "Toshiba-H2C"...not sure where TinyPilot could have come from

                      1. Our newer EDID does identify itself as “TinyPilot” so the most likely explanation is that at some point the newer EDID was active. If you’ve applied a modified EDID then it seems likely that your computer has cached the old identifier. You may be able to resolve this by removing and re-adding the audio device in Device Manager or by temporarily connecting a different display.

                    • A
                      In reply totrackoid:
                        2023-02-19 01:55:46.448Z

                        Hi, does this appear for Voyager 2, not 2a devices? I don’t want to clean-install update if so

                        1. I can confirm that the ”TinyPilot” identifier will appear on any device using the new EDID. This will be the default for all devices starting with TinyPilot Pro 2.5.4.

                          1. A@Alt0
                              2023-02-19 21:26:09.887Z

                              Does this article possible need updating then to help handle those that want to not have those EDID / strings broadcasted?


                              1. David @david2023-02-20 13:25:50.505Z

                                Hi @Alt0, sorry, but I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean?

                                We updated the "Can anyone detect when I'm using TinyPilot?" FAQ a few days ago to list TinyPilot as the new product name in the EDID. Previously, the product name was Toshiba-H2C. The broadcasting behavior of TinyPilot's EDID has not changed.

                                1. A@Alt0
                                    2023-02-20 18:21:14.552Z

                                    I may be missing it but I see where it mentions EDIDs as an FYI at the end, but it doesn’t mention where they are all located and I don’t see where to change it “back” to Toshiba as it currently shows.

                                    Also this is effective as of 2.5.3 via (which reqs a Clean Install to get there) right? (the EDID showing as TinyPilot that)

                                    Thanks for the help!

                                    1. David @david2023-02-20 19:34:39.608Z

                                      Ahh - I see what you mean now, thanks for clarifying.

                                      Adding the path to the EDID file might be something we can include in the FAQ. But it is already listed in our "How do I change my TinyPilot's EDID?" FAQ.

                                      I don’t see where to change it “back” to Toshiba as it currently shows.

                                      This is probably not something we'll add to the FAQ since the product name of TinyPilot in the EDID is intended behavior.

                                      @trackoid's previous comment lists TinyPilot's old EDID which you can plug in to the command in our "How do I change my TinyPilot's EDID?" FAQ to change the EDID if you want.

                                      Also this is effective as of 2.5.3 via (which reqs a Clean Install to get there) right?

                                      The new EDID is already part of the TinyPilot community software, and it will be making its way to TinyPilot Pro in the next update (2.5.4) like Charles mentioned earlier in the thread.

                                      You can update to 2.5.3 without having to do a clean install. However, we're recommending a clean install because as of 2.5.3, we're transitioning to Debian Bullseye as our base operating system. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to perform an update between Buster and Bullseye without a clean install.

                                      Having said that, we’re working on tools in version 2.5.4 that will make it easier to backup and restore your settings after upgrading. If you have a lot of custom TinyPilot settings, you may want to wait until 2.5.4, though you’ll still need to factory reset eventually. We tried hard to avoid this, but we are sadly limited by the upgrade functionality in our base OS.

                            • A
                              In reply totrackoid:
                                2023-02-20 20:52:47.768Z2023-02-20 20:59:48.226Z

                                Thank you for the clarity. OK so this is with 2.5.4 … I was thinking 2.5.3 was the new OS

                                2 things:

                                • those articles maybe should have a hyperlink together. (EDID hyperlink just goes to Wikipedia)
                                • regarding not wanting to document changing EDIDs, might I ask if it would just be possible to state how revert to 2.5.3 / below EDIDs and not apply the 2.5.4 ? <edit … nvm I see you mentioned this from the OPs comment … thanks! >

                                While, as always mentioned, there’s no guarantees with obfuscation and this is just “best attempt” , upgrading to 2.5.4 and later would be infeasible if changing the strings in the main article doesn’t help with it showing as a audio device in Device Manager.

                                Are there issues or something with reverting back to the old EDIDs (Toshiba) given the new OS, and thus it must have new EDIDs that identify as TinyPilot?

                                One final question. So changing the EDIDs is something under uStreamer itself… does this or could it impact functionality if it was decided to change those hex strings arbitrarily to anything else, assuming making them the same length?

                                1. David @david2023-02-21 12:50:31.772Z

                                  Are there issues or something with reverting back to the old EDIDs?

                                  There aren't any issues if you want to use the old EDID. However, the new EDID offers more than double the number of display settings - making TinyPilot compatible with more devices.

                                  You're free to edit the new EDID to use a different product name and apply it to your TinyPilot if that's something you want to do. Editing the product name doesn't impact the functionality.

                                  Hope that helps!