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Change DHCP client ID

By Alan Sill @Scienceman
    2023-02-20 18:06:05.388Z

    We have more than one TinyPilot Voyager 2 and would like to use them at the same time in our private network. How can we change the DHCP client ID on at least one of these so they don't clash with each other when requesting a DNHP IP address?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. David @david2023-02-21 12:34:03.238Z

      Hi @Scienceman, thanks for your question!

      From my understanding, each TinyPilot DHCP client ID is unique. By default this client ID is based on the hardware address of the TinyPilot. So I wonder if the collision issue you're running into is because each of your TinyPilot devices uses the same hostname?

      Could you try changing the hostname on at least one of your TinyPilot devices to see if it fixes this collision issue? The added benefit here is that you'll be able to access each device using its hostname instead of the IP address (https://tinypilot2.local for example).

      1. Go to "System > Hostname" in your TinyPilot web interface menu
      2. Enter your new hostname e.g. tinypilot2
      3. Click "Change and Restart"

      Then open the TinyPilot web interface using the new hostname. After that, boot the second TinyPilot and try to access the second TinyPilot's web interface on the same network.

      If you still have the collision issue, I can help you set up a different DHCP client ID.