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"No signal" on tailscale

By @FireofCourage
    2023-02-23 21:59:30.426Z

    Hi all, here is my log:
    desktop: connected to my Computer #1
    tinypilot: connected to my Computer #2

    I'm trying to use Computer #1 to control Computer #2.

    still seeing "no signal" on my Tinypilot web interface after having connected to a web browser with my tinypilot (computer #2) IP.

    Already went through the "no signal" FAQ but still nothing:
    I don't believe resolution is the problem here, as both of my computers are on 1280x720 at 60Hz now.

    Solved in post #5, click to view
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    1. C
      Charles Hague @cghague2023-02-24 10:58:06.430Z2023-02-24 11:05:58.932Z

      Hi @FireofCourage, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with video.

      I’ve reviewed your logs and it looks like no video is being received by your TinyPilot device. There could be a number of reasons for this so we’ll need to investigate. Can you please confirm that your TinyPilot device is directly connected to the target computer via HDMI (i.e., with no switches or other KVMs) and that the target computer is set to “mirror” its main display to the HDMI port?

      1. F@FireofCourage
          2023-02-25 02:32:25.230Z

          Hi Charles,

          I have a HDMI from tinypilot connecting to USB on my target computer - refer to step 6 in the blog:

          So HDMI on my target computer might be the root casue of the issue?

          Let me get a HDMI to HDMI cable then update you the status.


          1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Your TinyPilot device needs two cables connected to your computer - a HDMI cable for video and a USB cable for keyboard and mouse support. It is possible to buy USB-to-HDMI adapters and USB-to-HDMI cables but they can sometimes have compatibility issues and so we’d recommend using a direct HDMI-to-HDMI connection where possible.

            1. In reply toFireofCourage:
                2023-02-26 05:15:56.680Z

                Thanks Charles.

                You pointed out the issue last time and its exactly what went wrong in Step 6.

                After fixing step 6 using HDMI to HDMI, it worked perfectly.

                Appreciate your assistance!