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TinyPilot Hobbyist HDMI upgrade

By Randy Chapman @wilbur4321
    2023-02-24 22:39:38.451Z

    I have the TinyPilot Hobbyist, which I dearly adore and use regularly. However, video quality (red, in particular, which I know is an HDMI encoding thing) and audio are issues, which I see the new CSI HDMI adapters support now, and your software now supports. I just ordered the Geekworm version of this adapter, which appears to even come with the necessary cables. Would you mind providing details as to which GPIO ports which I2S audio pins should connect to?

    Also, would you mind sharing your original Voyager STL file?

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    1. David @david2023-02-27 12:15:01.707Z

      Hi @wilbur4321, thanks for your question!

      Firstly, thanks so much for your kind words!

      I'll have to get in contact with the hardware team to get details about the GPIO pins and to see if we can share the STL file. Once I've heard back I'll relay the info back to you.

      Please let me know if you have any other queries in the meantime.

      1. WRandy Chapman @wilbur4321
          2023-02-27 16:24:04.624Z

          You're welcome and thanks! For using it without audio, I assume that I just need to hook up csi-2 and follow the instructions for a factory reset upgrade to get the latest Raspian?

          1. David @david2023-02-27 19:23:45.041Z

            For using it without audio, I assume that I just need to hook up csi-2 and follow the instructions for a factory reset upgrade to get the latest Raspian?

            Right now, you can keep using the Buster-based Raspian if it's more conventient. However, Bullseye is required for audio support. And eventually we'll stop supporting Buster. So I'd recommend factory resetting to Raspian Bullseye if you can.

            We’re working on tools in version 2.5.4 that will make it easier to backup and restore your settings after upgrading. If you have a lot of custom TinyPilot settings, you may want to wait until 2.5.4, though you’ll still need to factory reset to get audio functionality.

            We tried hard to avoid this, but we are sadly limited by the upgrade functionality in our base OS.

            Hope that helps!

        • In reply towilbur4321:
          David @david2023-03-01 12:11:37.854Z

          Here are the details for connecting the pins to the GPIO:

          SCK  - 12/GPIO18
          SD   - 38/GPIO20
          WFS  - 35/GPIO19
          OSCK - NC/Not Connected
          GND  - 39/Ground

          Unfortunately, we don't share Voyager STL files. If you're interested, we may be able to sell you a spare case. But we might not be able to do that until April.

          Let me know if that helps and if you have any other questions!

          1. WRandy Chapman @wilbur4321
              2023-03-06 00:46:11.753Z

              Thank you! Yes, I'd be very interested in buying a spare case!

              1. In reply towilbur4321:
                David @david2023-03-06 13:45:35.228Z

                Awesome! Can you send an email to in April to arrange this with our fulfillment team?

                Please let me know if you have any other questions.

                I deleted an older (incorrect) reply regarding this - if you received a notification from my old response, please ignore it.

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              In reply towilbur4321:
              Randy Chapman @wilbur4321
                2023-07-21 19:21:39.916Z

                One further question :) There's two download options -- should I be downloading the Hobbyist image still, or should I download the Voyager image now?

                1. In reply towilbur4321:
                  David @david2023-07-24 14:08:04.225Z

                  Apologies @wilbur4321, my previous reply to this was incorrect because I misunderstood the question.

                  The Voyager image is for devices with the HDMI to CSI bridge, and the Hobbyist image is for devices with an HDMI to USB dongle. So in this case, you should use the Voyager image since you've upgraded your device with the HDMI to CSI bridge.

                  Hope that helps!

                2. W
                  In reply towilbur4321:
                  Randy Chapman @wilbur4321
                    2023-07-24 18:47:27.588Z

                    Thank you so much for your assistance so far! The video is now absolutely phenomenal -- way better than before! Highly recommend this upgrade to others.

                    I'm having one problem -- still no audio. I'm pretty sure I got the pins connected right, so I was wondering if there might be anything in the logs indicating that it's not configured right, especially since it's an upgrade?

                    Thanks a million!

                    1. David @david2023-07-25 11:17:44.669Z

                      You're welcome!

                      For audio issues, I'd recommend taking a look at our "How can I stream audio from the target computer?" FAQ which outlines the common issues we see. Could you work through those troubleshooting steps and let me know if any of those steps solves this issue?

                      1. WRandy Chapman @wilbur4321
                          2023-07-25 16:01:25.177Z

                          I worked through those and it did not, but it is now ("magically") working, so I won't argue with that. I wonder if it started working at the same time as my color issues showed up and if that is related? In any case, this part of my problems are fixed, thank you so very much!

                          1. David @david2023-07-26 11:55:59.924Z

                            Thanks for the update! I don't know if your audio issue is related to your color issue - it seems unlikely. It looks like Charles has replied about your color issue, so I'll let Charles take it from there.