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Waking the Tinypilot via LAN

By @kyeotic
    2023-03-02 20:46:59.102Z

    I know Tinypilot supports waking other devices via wake on lan, but can the tinypilot itself be started with Wake on LAN? If you shutdown the Tinypilot via the web interface, is there another way to wake it up remotely?

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    1. C

      Hi @kyeotic, thanks for your great question about waking your TinyPilot device over the network.

      Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to turn on your TinyPilot device over the network due to hardware limitations (the device fully powers off when it is shutdown and so it isn’t possible for it to receive anything). We’d recommend leaving your TinyPilot device powered on unless you are intending to move it or remove the microSD card.