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Updated TinyPilot to 2.5.3 and KVM hotkeys no longer work

By Jason P @jason
    2023-03-06 16:14:24.462Z

    Ive recently upgraded my tinypilot to 2.5.3 and the hotkey switching no longer works. I checked the KVM compatibility list at ( and am using the MT-VIKI KVM switch. It was working great before the update, but now if i activate the hotkey (cntrl, cntrl, 1/2/3) its only seems to be sending the number over and not the double "cntrl" key. Are others seeing this issue or have a solution? I'm debating on just downgrading back to 2.5.0 if there is no fix for this.

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    1. C

      Hi Jason, thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear your KVM hotkeys aren't working.

      We're not aware of any changes between TinyPilot Pro 2.5.0 and 2.5.3 that would explain this, so we'll need to investigate the issue further.

      Could you please send me a link to your logs, directly after pressing the hotkey shortcut, by going to System, then Logs and then Get Sharable URL?

      1. JJason P @jason
          2023-03-22 14:41:14.966Z

          Hey Charles, thanks for the response. I reverted back to 2.5.0 and its working as expected now. Sorry I didnt get a copy of the logs to send over.

          1. David @david2023-03-23 12:07:26.345Z

            Thanks for the update @jason! I'm glad it's working for you now. When you updated from 2.5.0 to 2.5.3, did you perform the update via the TinyPilot update interface?