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AIMOS KVM w/ Voyager 2a

By Chris H @CHasenpflug1
    2023-03-09 01:48:41.609Z

    @michael wondering if you've tested the AIMOS KVM w/ powered splitter (as mentioned here: Newbie Problems / Questions #post-4) against the 2a. I have it setup as diagrammed, using the same splitter, and despite everything being powered up fine, I can't seem to get signal in the webview.

    Keyboard and Mouse out of Data and into Hub 1 is working without video signal. Video out of the splitter port 2 works on a monitor. So I can mouse around in the "No Signal" box and see it just fine.

    Solved in post #4, click to view
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    1. David @david2023-03-09 12:14:07.817Z

      Hi @CHasenpflug1, sorry that you're having issues with this KVM / splitter setup.

      I don't know whether Michael has tested this setup with a Voyager 2a. But I'm happy to troubleshoot this with you.

      Could you share a log from your TinyPilot? On your TinyPilot's web interface, navigate to System > Logs and click Get Shareable URL. Then paste the link in your reply.

      1. CChris H @CHasenpflug1
          2023-03-09 14:28:24.727Z
          1. David @david2023-03-09 16:55:40.639Z

            Thanks for sharing those logs!

            It looks like the output resolution is 1080p at 60Hz which TinyPilot doesn't support - so that would explain the No Signal that you're seeing. Do you have the ability to change the output resolution from the KVM / target machine? If you can, changing the output resolution to 1080p at 30Hz / 50Hz, or 720p at 60Hz should work well on TinyPilot.

            1. CChris H @CHasenpflug1
                2023-03-09 17:45:13.881Z

                Hmm, I'll take a look. Directly connecting to the target maching works fine, so it must be negotiating with the AIMOS for 60Hz and then passing through. I'll try forcing it on the machine as I don't believe it can be done in the switch.

                1. CChris H @CHasenpflug1
                    2023-03-09 17:48:17.518Z

                    I was able to force the Display to 50 Hz in the Windows Monitor Settings

                    Thanks, David!

                    1. David @david2023-03-10 12:06:39.136Z

                      Awesome! I'm glad that you were able to change the settings to get up and running.

                      Please feel free to reach out again if you have any other questions!