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tinypilot - how to send audio to remove device?

By Steve Jones @stevej99
    2023-03-09 19:12:26.090Z

    Hi everyone, owner of 8 tinypilots and love the hardware!

    I have a question though, we can stream incoming audio from a client device, but is there a way we can send audio to device ( as a mic input)

    Anyone have any ideas here? I was thinking maybe some remote meeting software installed on tinypilot could output via a usb?

    I'm also using tailscale if that helps..


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    1. C

      Hi Steve, thanks for your great question about sending audio to a remote device.

      This is something we’re interested in too! We have internal tickets open to look into how feasible it would be to forward audio to a TinyPilot device and output it to the connected computer as a virtual USB microphone, but they’re all at a very early stage. I’d recommend watching our blog as it’s likely any progress on this will be shared there. In the meantime, if you can install software on the target machine, then you might find JackTrip to be a viable temporary solution.

      1. SSteve Jones @stevej99
          2023-03-15 01:43:40.299Z

          Thank you so much! I'll see if this works for me.