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Does Tinypilot support 2 HDMI output / screens?

By @FireofCourage
    2023-03-12 05:55:29.146Z

    Hi all,

    Normally, I have 1 HDMI port connecting from Tinypilot to HDMI port of a target computer. No issues.

    But what if my target computer has a second screen?

    I tried to use a HDMI Splitter but failed to get it work. I'm still working out the config in case if I had plugged in the wrong cables and ports.

    But please advise if Tinypilot can support 2 screens.


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    1. C

      Hi @FireofCourage, thanks for your great question about connecting multiple screens to your TinyPilot device.

      TinyPilot behaves like an external display, which means that your computer can either use it as a separate desktop or mirror an existing display to it. Unfortunately, this means there isn't any way for TinyPilot to mirror two displays at the same time. There are a few workarounds for this, including toggling which display is being mirrored or moving windows between the displays (most operating systems will let you do this).

      1. In reply toFireofCourage:
        @fft2023-03-17 07:48:56.842Z

        I use (sorry german AMAZON, but you get the idea) which also worked for me in situations, where I had to add different monitors (HDMI and DVI input), as the device an be configured (at least a little bit) to "sanitize" (?) the HDMI it gets.
        It is IMHO worth the extra costs, if you have a power close by.
        all the best