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Tinypilot data port not working - video is working - remote work not possible

By Sven Hurter @Sven
    2023-03-14 10:58:48.325Z

    Dear support team, i'm facing in the issue, that after a few minutes mouse and keyboard input are not working. Video is fine. I have bought 4 pieces of tiny pilot and every system have this issue. Maybe a problem of the update?
    Hopefully there is a fix availabe - i have seen the treats below with same issue.
    Kindly regards - Sven

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    1. C
      In reply toSven:

      Hi Sven, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues with input.

      It’s unusual for input to work for a short while then stop, so we’ll need to investigate this further. Can you please restart your TinyPilot device, type a few keypresses while input is working, and then send me a link to your logs? Can you then wait until input stops working and send me a second link to your logs? You can create a link to your logs by going to System, then Logs and then Get Sharable URL.

      1. S
        In reply toSven:
        Sven Hurter @Sven
          2023-03-14 18:42:53.342Z

          This is the log after it does not work any more:

          The i reboot the system:

          Kindly regards - Sven

          1. SSven Hurter @Sven
              2023-03-14 18:44:29.173Z

              I have regarded, that at first the keyboard is died, then mouse.

            • C
              In reply toSven:

              Thank you for providing the logs. I can see that there is an issue sending keyboard and mouse input to the connected computer but unfortunately it isn’t clear what the cause is. Could you please confirm if the mouse and keyboard worked before the update? It’s also possible an intermediary device might be causing issues - are there any other devices connected between your TinyPilot device and the computer (e.g. a USB hub or another KVM)?

              1. SSven Hurter @Sven
                  2023-03-15 07:43:50.276Z

                  Hi Charles,
                  i have found out:
                  i have take a new TinyPilot and use it and make not the update.
                  It is workin fine with this device. Since 15 min i can work without issue.

                  It ist possible to make a factory reset of one of my affected devices? then we can check if it is the update or if it is a hardware problem of the TinyPilot series itselfes. Kindly regards - Sven

                  1. Thanks for getting back to me. It is possible to factory reset your TinyPilot device, but that would install the latest version of TinyPilot Pro and so it’s unlikely to make any difference in this case. I don’t think this is likely to be a hardware fault as the keyboard and mouse work for some time to begin with, which makes it sound more like a software issue. Would you be able to swap the working TinyPilot device and one of the affected TinyPilot devices around and confirm that that the working TinyPilot device is able to control the other computer?

                    1. SSven Hurter @Sven
                        2023-03-20 16:55:28.519Z

                        Hi Charles, confirmed.
                        I 've tested twice.

                        1. Thank you for confirming, that’s really helpful! This is a very unusual issue so I might need to discuss it further with the team, but I’d like to gather a few more details first to ensure we have the best chance of resolving this. Can you please send me a link to the logs from the working device so I can compare them? Could you please also let me know if the affected device had the same problem when it was swapped to a different computer? It would also be really helpful if you could let me know what sort of system the TinyPilot devices are connected to (e.g. make, model, operating system).