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how do i create a backup of my tinypilot? or install packages to do so?

By Murmad Man @manimgoindowndown
    2023-03-22 17:06:17.664Z

    for instance sysupgrade -c -k -b /tmp/tinypilot.tar.gz doesn't work, there is no package installed for sysupgrade, how do I back it up other than yanking out the sd card and creating a copy via GUI? Thanks

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    1. David @david2023-03-22 19:18:23.252Z2023-03-23 12:27:00.725Z

      Hi @manimgoindowndown, thanks for your question!

      From what I understand, sysupgrade is typically used on OpenWRT systems - so it's unlikely to be the tool we want to use here.

      Can you tell me more about the kind of backup you want to do? For example, do you want a disk image for flashing an SD card? Or you do you just want to backup some files?

      1. MMurmad Man @manimgoindowndown
          2023-03-22 22:35:39.415Z

          something like a disk image that i could type in one command and restore my tinypilot to the config in the file (ie packages too)

          1. David @david2023-03-23 13:07:55.384Z2023-03-23 13:48:08.675Z

            I agree with Juergen here - the best solution for a backup is to clone your microSD card. BalenaEtcher has a "Clone drive" feature that you can use to clone your microSD card onto a different microSD or drive.

            To add to this, in TinyPilot 2.5.4 we're introducing some settings export features which will allow you to save your TinyPilot settings (like security settings and video settings for example) and import them.

            I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

            1. MMurmad Man @manimgoindowndown
                2023-03-31 20:53:02.033Z

                how about with something like sysupgrade, possible or not?

                1. David @david2023-04-03 11:38:43.470Z

                  Like I mentioned previously, it looks like only OpenWRT systems use sysupgrade - so it's not something we can use in this situation.

                  I'm unsure whether there are any other tools that satisfy your use case of 'typing in one command' to restore your TinyPilot config, packages, and everything else. So cloning your SD card definitely seems to be the best solution for this situation.

                  In our next TinyPilot software update (2.5.4) we're introducing settings export and import functionality for your TinyPilot settings which sounds like it will cover most of your use case.

                  If you require a one-command tool to backup and restore everything, it sounds like you may need a bespoke solution.

          2. @fft2023-03-23 07:12:29.487Z

            Hi @manimgoindowndown,
            I personally would go doen some layers and make a backup of the micro SD card. Ask google for "clone SD card" (I did, but I only got german answers :-) ) All programs that I found can make an image of the physical SD card, which can be used in desaster. For sure a slight overhead, but this worked in my last 25 years very well.