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Can access tinypilot via tailscale through browser BUT NOT on LAN

By Murmad Man @manimgoindowndown
    2023-03-23 04:06:49.709Z2023-03-23 04:18:53.370Z

    for some reason can't ssh into my tinypilot on lan but can acess it via browser...can someone please explain what's going on? tried to intput the lan addrsss directly, and it wont work.

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    1. @fft2023-03-23 07:05:22.486Z

      Hi Murmad,
      die you try
      As far as I remember, you first have to enable SSH access.


      1. MMurmad Man @manimgoindowndown
          2023-03-25 02:31:26.317Z

          ssh access is enabled, password was changed

          and sorry to edit the OP
          i can acess it through browser and on lan on my laptop
          but NOt on lan on my desktop...disabled all my firewalls on the desktop, no changes to result in tinypilot not being able to be pinged. so tinypilot can ping my desktop but will not accept connections from my desktop on LAN but will over the web?

          i have a weireguard configuration on my router
          I think something is wrong here with tiny pilot's ports or firewall (if it has one setup)...tinypilot and all machines behind wireguard are also running tailscale

          1. Patrick M. Hausen @pmhausen
              2023-03-27 06:55:05.156Z

              Hi Murmad,

              this is Patrick, network engineer with Could you please provide

              • a quick drawing of your network topology
              • IP addresses of all devices involved?

              I'll try my best to resolve your problem.

              Kind regards,

              1. MMurmad Man @manimgoindowndown
                  2023-03-31 21:25:04.259Z

                  apologies for the late reply. super busy week and weekend.

                  garage linksys - > two dumb aps (linksysupstairs, linksysden)

                  linksysupstairs connected to tinypilot throuhg ethernet

                  I can access the http:tinypilot/ (or its ip thorugh my laptop connected via the wifi, but NOT my desktop

                  1. Thanks for getting back to us! TinyPilot will accept incoming connections from any IP address by default, so it’s most likely that this issue is due to how the network itself, or the desktop, have been configured. Could you please verify that none of the network devices have “client isolation” (or any similarly named features) enabled? Can you please also confirm the local IP addresses of all three devices (the laptop, the desktop and your TinyPilot device) so we can verify they are on the same subnet?

                    1. MMurmad Man @manimgoindowndown
                        2023-04-03 13:28:15.849Z

                        you mean client isolation on my router? Everything is wired. none of my windows settings were changed on my desktop which is further confusing, maybe ip or nft table broke on the tailscale?

                        .x.20 (tinypilot)
                        .x.11 (laptop

                        1. @manimgoindowndown - This unfortunately is not enough information for us to help you.

                          Diagnosing home networking issues is out of scope for what we can support. If you share a map of your network topology and the internal IP addresses of your devices (e.g., "TinyPilot is at, Desktop is at, ..."), we can let you know if we see issues in the setup, but the information provided so far does not give us enough information to understand the network.

                          To summarize, in order for us to help, we'll need:

                          • A map or detailed description of your network topology
                          • IP addresses of the TinyPilot, target desktop, and client laptop (full IPs, not just the last octet)
                          1. It’s true that client isolation is most commonly used with WiFi but it can also apply to devices attached over Ethernet. Client isolation will normally allow a device to talk to the router or gateway (and, usually, all the way through to the Internet) so it would match the scenario you are seeing. I appreciate it might seem unlikely but it’d be good to rule it out if possible.

                            Could you please provide the full local IP addresses and, if possible, a detailed diagram of your home network? This is so we can see if they are in the same logical network. This is important because, for example, a device with an IP of would not be able to talk to a device with an IP of (assuming they are both using a subnet mask) without an intermediary router.

                • Patrick M. Hausen @pmhausen
                    2023-04-03 14:25:24.918Z

                    We would definitely need a diagram of the topology, all IP addresses involved, plus probably the routing table of the Tinypilot with tailscale disabled and with tailscale enabled.
                    Is suspect that when the VP is up, everything is routed through the tunnel cutting off local access.

                    But as Michael also stated - we would need all information about your exact setup.

                    Kind regards,