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How to install a second tinypilot in addition to the existing tailscale??

By @FireofCourage
    2023-03-25 07:23:01.762Z2023-03-25 11:26:01.090Z

    Hi, I recently purchased my second tinypilot (TinyPilot Voyager 2a). My first tinypilot is TinyPilot Voyager 2.

    How exactly do you install Tailscale on my second TinyPilot Voyager 2a?

    I tried to follow the installation steps as my first TinyPilot Voyager 2 but it doesnt seem to work...

    EDIT: just to add:
    I've managed to add my first tinypilot to tailscale, changed its hostname from the Tinypilot interface, call it "TP1".

    However, i'm unable to ssh into the second tinypilot. Already tried command "ssh pilot@[ip address]" but got an error in return:
    "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused".

    Please help with my second tinypilot setup.

    Solved in post #7, click to view
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    1. W
      whoisneosmith @whoisneosmith
        2023-03-26 16:53:01.306Z

        Did you enable ssh in the security settings on the new tinypilot?

        1. In reply toFireofCourage:
          David @david2023-03-27 11:40:54.392Z

          Hi @FireofCourage, sorry that you were running into this issue.

          Thanks for confirming that changing your TinyPilot's hostname solved your first issue.

          As @whoisneosmith has mentioned, you likely need to enable ssh using the toggle in TinyPilot's Security Settings interface. Once you enable ssh you should be good to go.

          Please let me know if you have any other issues or questions.

          1. F@FireofCourage
              2023-03-27 16:13:04.223Z

              I have not been able to successfully ssh into the second tinypilot.

              When i tried to change the hostname from the tinypilot interface: System > hostname, i got the error below:

              Failed to Redirect
              Cannot reach TinyPilot under the new hostname. The device may have failed to reboot, or your browser is failing to resolve the new hostname.

              1. In reply todavid:
                  2023-03-27 16:40:56.416Z

                  What happened was I first changed the first tinypilot hostname from the tinypilot interface, let's call it TP1.

                  When I changed my second tinypilot hostname from the tinypilot interface known as TP2.

                  But now according to my router's DHCP client table, its showing both of my IP addresses linked to "TP2". I think this is where tinypilot is being confused and is unable to recognize my second tinypilot. I need to know how to assign the right tinypilot hostname to the right tinypilot in the DHCP.

                  1. David @david2023-03-27 19:05:43.423Z

                    That's an unusual situation.

                    Just to clarify, you can ssh into TP1. But you can't access TP2 at all (web interface or ssh) after the hostname change?

                    Can you disconnect TP1 from your network and see if you can access TP2 via the web interface or ssh? Depending on your network setup, you might be able to re-assign the IP address of TP2. Or, when you reconnect TP1 to the network, your router may assign TP1 a different IP address if it clashes with TP2.

                    Alternatively, since you can access TP1, you could try setting a static IP address to avoid clashing.

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                  In reply toFireofCourage:
                    2023-04-02 02:05:18.256Z


                    It's cliche to say, but a good old reboot of my PC fixed the issue!

                    I realized i forgot to enable SSH earlier. After enabling it, maybe cuz i tried to change the hostnames too many times so it got confused.

                    Anyway, rebooted then got back on track and it's working!

                    Thanks everyone for your support

                    1. David @david2023-04-03 11:15:18.913Z

                      Thanks for the update @FireofCourage! I'm glad that you're back up and running now.

                      Please let us know if you have any other questions in the future!