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Preview on vertical monitor

By Josef @yesyes
    2023-03-28 12:27:46.231Z

    Is there some setting for swapping grabbed video to vertical? Right now video is sideway and mouse is horizontal so its kinda tricky but still works

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    1. @fft2023-03-29 05:03:51.957Z

      I personally never had this, so cannot help directly. But I googled for "rotate hdmi 90 degree" and got which might be put in between TinyPilot and your server, or you google for "raspberry rotate screen 90 degree" and get something like So I personally see a chance to rotate the HDMI output of the TinyPilot but it is definitely not out of the box, but I see a chance for it.
      sorry for not giving a real solution, but hopefully, I could give an idea.


      1. In reply toyesyes:
        David @david2023-03-29 12:55:58.591Z2023-03-29 14:07:17.983Z

        Hi @yesyes, thanks for your question!

        Unfortunately, there isn't a setting for switching between landscape and portrait modes. However, there is a workaround using CSS styles that you can use if you're only using a portrait display (and you're comfortable with editing some code).

        I've adapted these instructions from a user on the TinyPilot GitHub repository.

        First, ssh into your TinyPilot.

        Copy index.html and create a backup - just in case.

        cp /opt/tinypilot/app/templates/index.html /opt/tinypilot/app/templates/index.html.bak

        Now run the following command to add the CSS style to the element:

                  style="height: 65vh;margin-top: 10vh;margin-bottom: 20vh;transform: rotate(0.25turn);"
        # Use awk to perform the substitution
        awk -v RS="" -v ORS="\n" -v old="$OLD_HTML" -v new="$NEW_HTML" \
          '{gsub(old, new)} 1' /opt/tinypilot/app/templates/index.html > temp.html && \
          sudo mv -force temp.html /opt/tinypilot/app/templates/index.html

        You may need to alter the styles to match your orientation (particularly rotate in NEW_HTML if the portrait orientation needs flipping).

        If you need to revert back to portrait mode, ssh into your TinyPilot and then run the following command:

        sudo cp /opt/tinypilot/app/templates/index.html.bak /opt/tinypilot/app/templates/index.html

        I should let you know that TinyPilot software updates will overwrite these changes - meaning you'll have to run these commands again if you update.

        Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.