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Tiny Pilot is very noisy

By Jmaxtein @jmaxtein
    2023-03-31 04:15:44.715Z

    It’s making lot of noise soon as i start it.

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    1. C

      Hi Jmaxtein, thanks for reaching out with your question about noise.

      The only moving part in Your TinyPilot device is the cooling fan, so I suspect the noise is coming from that. The fan can be quite loud when it is running at maximum speed shortly after startup, but it should become quieter after a few minutes. However, it’s also possible that the fan has developed a fault. Does the noise from your TinyPilot device sound like air moving or does it sound more like scraping? Does the noise become quieter after a few minutes?

      1. JJmaxtein @jmaxtein
          2023-04-04 07:30:23.168Z

          Hi it sounds a bit scrappy. And nope it stays loud, i have to manually cut off the power to stop it from being loud and hot.

          1. Thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately, it sounds like the fan may have developed a fault. Could you please let me know when you purchased your TinyPilot device, and also whether you are powering it using USB-C or PoE? This will help me to determine the most suitable resolution.

            1. JJmaxtein @jmaxtein
                2023-04-04 13:19:41.824Z


                order #5051

                Delivered on Jan 17, 2023

                1. Thank you for confirming! I’ll ask our customer support team to reach out to you by email with some options.

                  1. JJmaxtein @jmaxtein
                      2023-04-04 15:06:43.658Z

                      Sure thanks.