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Tinypilot stopped responding

By sjoe @sjalal
    2023-04-03 11:53:12.545Z

    Hello, My tinypilot has stopped responding. It is not showing connection green light and 'no-sigNal' screen. It seems it does not exist on network. What should I do to bring it online ?

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      Hi sjoe, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear you’re having connection issues.

      There could be a number of explanations for this so we’ll need to investigate. Are you able to generate a link to your logs by going to System, then Logs and then Get Sharable URL or does all access seem to have been lost? If you have physical access to your TinyPilot device, can you confirm if any of the power and activity LEDs are illuminated or flashing?

      1. Ssjoe @sjalal
          2023-04-03 15:29:28.384Z

          All access has been lost. I do not get tinypilot menu or indication at at all on the browser.
          The Ethernet connect has Amber light. I see a flashing green light.

          1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! It sounds like your TinyPilot device is still running, so it’s possible it might have just dropped off the network. Assuming you are powering your TinyPilot device with a USB-C cable, could you try disconnecting the Ethernet cable, waiting about 30 seconds, and then reconnecting it?

            1. Ssjoe @sjalal
                2023-04-03 17:03:02.329Z2023-04-03 18:45:04.353Z

                Hi Charles
                Thanks for the response.
                I already did. Actually kept the ethernet disconnected overnight. Do you think the SD card maybe corrupted ?


                1. Thanks for confirming. It’s possible that the microSD card might be corrupted but there could be a few other explanations. You can factory reset your TinyPilot device if you wish but it might not be necessary. It’d be good to see if your TinyPilot device is on the network at all before proceeding. Can you please check if your TinyPilot device is listed on your router settings page and, if so, has it been assigned an IP address?

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            sjoe @sjalal
              2023-04-03 22:06:25.160Z


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                sjoe @sjalal
                  2023-04-03 20:25:57.858Z2023-04-03 21:56:51.558Z

                  Hey Yes, I can see its IP on the router (double checked via turning off and on to confirm). and its IP address is assigned (10.x.x.x).
                  One more interesting item. I have another working tinypilot and when I swap its cable with this one , the bad tinypilot still does not work.
                  I think we may have to reset its settings.

                  Open to suggestions

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                    Charles Hague @cghague2023-04-03 21:59:43.805Zreplies tosjalal:

                    That’s good news and it is very promising, it suggests that your TinyPilot device is functioning enough to connect to the network. Could you try browsing to the IP address (e.g. https://10.x.x.x) and check if the web interface loads that way?

                    1. S
                      sjoe @sjalal
                        2023-04-04 00:20:36.294Zreplies tocghague:

                        I tried and it gives an 'unable to connect' error.

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                          Charles Hague @cghague2023-04-04 13:11:32.238Zreplies tosjalal:

                          Thanks for confirming. Unfortunately, it does seem like your TinyPilot device isn’t responding on the web interface. It’s possible forcing a restart may help. Could you please try disconnecting the power supply, waiting 30 seconds, reconnecting it and then trying to access your TinyPilot device after a few minutes? If that doesn’t work then unfortunately a factory reset may be the only option. I appreciate it’s a hassle, so I’d recommend enabling the read-only filesystem afterwards to reduce the chance of corruption happening in future.