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Not a problem per se but how do I make the webpage only display the screen and not borders

By @techie
    2023-04-04 21:05:45.486Z

    Title says it all - I have a widescreen that can show 3 tinypilot kvms if the borders werent there. Is there any way to have the stream fill the borders of the page instead of having the borders/header/footer? Essentially I'm looking for it to look as if it were in fullscreen mode but without going into fullscreen mode for my browser.


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    1. @fft2023-04-05 06:45:49.737Z

      Hi @techie,
      as far as I understand the question is, that you want to disable the frame that your local browser shows.

      You can see here a solution to start Chrome in app mode

      which might be what you want.


      1. T@techie
          2023-04-05 19:17:46.655Z

          Hey @fft ,

          Thank you for getting back to me! I did do that however the margins from tinypilot make it difficult to truly fullscreen.

          See screenshot - on the right is my pikvm fullscreened, workiing just fine, on the left is the tinypilot.

          Is there any way to get rid of the whitespace from the tinypilot interface?

          1. This isn't possible currently, but we're tracking this request in: