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Audio is interrupted and will not play for long periods of time in environments with relatively high latency.

By syutaro @syutarojp
    2023-04-11 07:08:27.407Z

    TinyPilot Voyager 2a is used. Audio output frequently stops in environments with relatively large delays (50ms-100ms). This does not occur in environments with small delays (5ms-50ms). Video continues to be displayed without problems. I am using tailscale, but the problem occurs with or without tailscale.

    debug log

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    1. David @david2023-04-12 11:28:06.224Z

      Hi @syutaro, I'm sorry that you're running into this audio issue.

      I haven't seen this issue before and I haven't been able to reproduce it on my device.

      Can you tell me which browser you're using? Could you tell me whether this issue only appears after longer periods of use, or does it occur all the time when you have higher latency?

      1. S
        In reply tosyutarojp:
        syutaro @syutarojp
          2023-04-13 08:05:18.358Z

          Hi @David. Thanks for the reply.

          Google Chrome(Ver111.0.5563.148)
          High latency always occurs.
          If the Video Settings bit rate is set to 1 Mb/s, it occurs frequently, and if the bit rate is set to 5 Mb/s, it occurs a little less frequently.

          1. David @david2023-04-13 11:54:52.442Z

            Thanks for sharing that information, @syutarojp.

            Can you tell me about your client machine (i.e. the computer you use Chrome on to access the TinyPilot web interface), is it Windows / Mac / Linux?

            Do you notice whether this audio issue occurs after you refresh the browser?

            1. Ssyutaro @syutarojp
                2023-04-17 04:41:20.976Z

                Hi @David.
                Answer Question.

                The PC I use is under Windows
                Updating the browser after the problem occurs may restore the audio. If you wait without updating, the audio will not be restored

                1. David @david2023-04-18 09:24:50.314Z

                  Thanks for sharing those details, @syutarojp.

                  When you lose audio, do you see the little yellow warning triangle at the bottom of TinyPilot's web interface like in the example from our Audio FAQ? If you do, that suggests that H.264 streaming is failing and causing the audio to drop out.

                  Can you tell me more about your target machine (the machine you are controlling with TinyPilot)? e.g. the brand, hardware, and operating system?