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Video stream type switching back and forth

By B @Badarkace
    2023-04-12 00:52:07.444Z2023-04-12 04:03:27.227Z

    the video type keeps switching back and forth between h.264 and mjpeg causing the screen to disappear momentarily and then come back. have attached logs and screen recording. assuming its a resolution issue?

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    1. David @david2023-04-13 11:03:23.226Z

      Hi @badarkace, I'm sorry you're running into this issue.

      Thanks for your logs and your video!

      From your video, it looks like this could be a latency issue (your target machine's mouse is trailing a lot). TinyPilot falls back to MJPEG streaming if H.264 is failing which is why there's this switching.

      Could you try lowering your TinyPilot's H.264 bit rate to see if that improves your latency and resolves this issue?

      On the TinyPilot web interface, navigate to System > video settings and use the "Bit Rate" slider to reduce the bit rate to about 2Mb/s. You can experiment with the bit rate to drop it as low as possible while maintaining the video quality.