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Video disconnects every 10 seconds

By Sam Goh @samgh93
    2023-04-13 14:05:25.743Z

    Hi I just got my TinyVoyager 2a. I'm unable to remote access my laptop for any longer than 10 seconds. The video disconnects, and when it reconnects it changes from H.264 to MPEG with an exclamation sign next to it. Moving the cursor is next to impossible as there is a huge lag.

    Here is the link to my logs:

    I wonder if this could be an internet connection issue? Please advise. Thank you.

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    1. David @david2023-04-14 11:17:32.116Z

      Hi @samgh93, I'm sorry that you have this stream issue.

      TinyPilot falls back to MJPEG streaming if H.264 is failing which is why there's this switching. If you're also noticing a lot of cursor lag this suggests it's a latency issue.

      Is your TinyPilot remote using a service like Tailscale?

      1. SSam Goh @samgh93
          2023-04-14 12:13:26.608Z

          Hi, yes I am using Tailscale for remote access.

          1. David @david2023-04-17 11:30:46.884Z

            Thanks for confirming!

            Can you ping your remote TinyPilot from your client machine and check the latency?

            # Change to your TinyPilot's Tailscale IP if needed

            Most ping implementations output statistics once you quit the program, can you share the stats with me?

            --- ping statistics ---
            5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4018ms
            rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 8.694/9.003/9.366/0.288 ms

            If there is high latency or jitter, it might suggest this issue is due to a weaker internet connection, rather than with your TinyPilot.