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Audio & video cuts out

By Scott MacDonald @scottmac
    2023-04-20 17:46:40.415Z

    Hi, I'm having an intermittent issue with audio cutting out (H.264). I managed to capture logs during one of these interruptions. Video was interrupted here as well. It was fixed with a refresh. I was using Chrome on macOS.

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    1. David @david2023-04-21 10:59:15.575Z

      Hi @darcymac, I'm sorry that you're experiencing intermittent auido / video drop outs.

      Thanks for sharing those logs!

      Is your TinyPilot remote and using Tailscale? From your description, it sounds like this could be an internet connection issue (if you have latency spikes for example). Is your MacOS machine on WiFi?

      1. SScott MacDonald @scottmac
          2023-04-21 12:02:56.035Z

          Yes I’m access it remotely via Tailscale and my macOS laptop is on wifi.

          I can see a latency spike on my end end causing this for sure. I wonder if there is any way to automatically reestablish the stream versus having to refresh?

          I think WebRTC for example will just reconnect after an interruption like this.

          1. David @david2023-04-21 18:27:59.714Z

            Thanks for confirming!

            Are you seeing H.264 dropping out and falling back to the MJPEG stream mode (like in this example screenshot?

            If the stream falls back to MJPEG because of a latency spike (or similar issue) TinyPilot unfortunately requires a webpage refresh to reconnect to H.264 streaming. I understand that this is frustrating, so I have created an issue on GitHub to see if it's possible to automatically attempt to reconnect to the H.264 stream in instances like this.