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Can't control mouse and keyboard

By marquisj0225 @marquisj0225
    2023-04-24 18:32:32.397Z


    I connected windows and tinypilot

    I can see the screen via tinypilot
    But can't control the mouse and keyboard.
    I can see green light with solid red on tinypilot
    Is this a problem with data cable?

    The data cable that I received is the USB -A on both side. (instead of USB C & USB A)

    Is this a problem? what's a solution to try?

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    1. C

      Hi @marquisj0225, thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear you're having input issues.

      I can see that you've sent over some photos to our support inbox. I've taken a look and I believe the issue is that the data cable isn't connected correctly.

      In the photos, the data cable is the one that is currently plugged into your laptop directly below the tab key. That end of the cable is the USB-C end and should be connected to the "DATA" port on your TinyPilot device. The other end of the cable, which appears in the photos connected alongside the yellow network cable, is the USB-A end, and should be connected to your laptop (the port directly below the ~ key seems suitable).

      I appreciate describing how to connect up a device can be difficult using just text, so you might find the photos in our quick start product instructions to be a useful reference point.

      Could you please try changing the cabling to match the instructions above?

      1. M
        In reply tomarquisj0225:
        marquisj0225 @marquisj0225
          2023-04-25 11:05:07.189Z

          Thanks for your reply but I didn't receive the USB-C cable after buy. The cable has USB-A on both side. there is no USB-C table

          What's the solution then? should I buy USB-C - USB-A cable separately? And also, there is no HDMI cable. why?

          1. C
            In reply tomarquisj0225:

            Thank you for getting back to me!

            We don't supply a HDMI cable with the TinyPilot Voyager 2a as this is something many customers already have available. You can find a full list of what is included and what is required on the TinyPilot Voyager 2a product page.

            I've double checked and we only stock USB-A to USB-C cables. The photos seem to show a USB-C plug, but they aren't very clear. If you'd like to send a photo of the cable to our support inbox (showing the entire length with both ends unplugged) I'd be happy to take a look and confirm if it is the correct one.