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Client cert for tinypilot web interface

By Scott MacDonald @scottmac
    2023-04-26 13:48:17.515Z

    I am considering setting up the tinypilot nginx server to require client certificates. I would create a self signed client cert for my browser and require client certificate authentication on the nginx server.

    I think this plus port forwarding may be a reasonable alternative to tailscale and zerotier, which both seem to be introducing a bit too much latency.

    I suppose this would be overwritten on an upgrade, which is fine. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

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    1. In reply toscottmac:
      David @david2023-04-27 14:03:07.219Z

      Hi @darcymac, my apologies - I misread your question and responded with incorrect information. So I've removed my old reply.

      We haven't tested client certs, but there's nothing preventing you from doing this on your TinyPilot. We'd love it if you shared notes on how you set them up!