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TinyPilot Power Connector with the pi zero W?

By D Barr @david_fl
    2023-04-26 18:05:25.482Z

    Would I be able to use the TinyPilot Power Connector to run TinyPilot on a pi zero w/ Wifi or is there some hardware limitation I am overlooking. Pi4 so hard to get at the present moment.

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      Charles Hague @cghague2023-04-27 12:39:13.545Z2023-04-27 14:01:49.686Z

      Hi @david_fl, thanks for reaching out with your question about the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

      The Raspberry Pi Zero W has fewer resources than the Raspberry Pi 4B, so while it is possible to install and use TinyPilot on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, it will be significantly slower. The reduced performance is particularly relevant in terms of video latency. We do have some tips on optimizing TinyPilot for the Raspberry Pi Zero (W), although it's not an officially supported device.

      I appreciate how difficult it is to obtain a Raspberry Pi 4B at the moment - I use them extensively for personal projects and have encountered the same lack of stock! If you'd prefer not to wait, you might be interested in the TinyPilot Voyager 2a, as it includes everything you need to get started and is available now.