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No signal - KB/mouse works, but no video

By John Uhl @flyingblind
    2023-04-27 01:21:47.050Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I just received my new TinyPilot Voyager2, connected it to one of my servers (same model as I will have at a remote site where I plan to deploy this TinyPilot), connected the VGA-HDMI adapter (purchased alongside the TinyPilot), and I can send keystrokes and mouse actions, but get no video.
    I have tried:
    -switching from MJPEG to H264
    -rebooting the server
    -rebooting the TinyPilot
    -rebooting the TinyPilot THEN the server
    -rebooting the server THEN the TinyPilot
    -disconnecting the HDMI cable from the TinyPilot and connecting it to a monitor directly (This works, which proves that the VGA-HDMI adapter is working properly.)
    I am still getting a "No Signal" message in the virtual screen on the TinyPilot interface. I am using HyperV server 2019, so there are no options to modify the display/resolution/refresh rate, because this is essentially Windows Server Core.

    Logs are at

    My plan was to send this device out to my remote site, so that I could remotely execute an OS upgrade, but if I can't see what's going on, I might as well be verbally walking someone else through the process.
    Please advise on what else I can do to make this work, as I will have someone who can install the device at my remote site in about another 2 weeks. If this can't get resolved by then, the product essentially becomes useless to me.


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    1. C

      Hi John, thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with video.

      I've looked through your logs, and a compatible video signal isn't being received by your TinyPilot device. There can be a number of reasons for this, so it's great that you've already performed many of the troubleshooting steps we'd generally recommend, as that rules out quite a few of the potential causes.

      The next step is to confirm that your TinyPilot device is working correctly - could you please try temporarily connecting your TinyPilot device to a different machine with a dedicated HDMI output?

      1. FJohn Uhl @flyingblind
          2023-05-02 17:18:11.077Z

          Hi Charles - I'm back in the office today, so I connected the HDMI port on the TinyPilot to a laptop with a built-in HDMI port, and was able to get video, keyboard and mouse.
          I noticed that the graphics device reported it was displaying at 50hz. Does the TinyPilot VGA-HDMI adapter advertise 50hz as a valid resolution to the TinyPilot ? If hard-coding the video resolution is the way to address this issue, then I still see a problem, as I won't be able to access BIOS/EFI on remote machines, because that is a pre-boot environment, and the display resolution likely can't be set at that point. Assuming that the native 60hz resolution is the source of the issue, how can we force the TinyPilot to negotiate to a compatible resolution, and/or make the server recognize that resolution ?

          thanks !

          1. Thanks for getting back to me! It does sound like this is down to the display settings.

            Your TinyPilot device can support a range of resolutions and refresh rates, depending on whether you are using a direct HDMI connection or the VGA adapter. The available options are communicated to the target computer over the display cable, but some systems may ignore this.

            Unfortunately, when a system ignores the advertised display settings there isn't anything that can be done from the TinyPilot device to correct it. In some cases, manually setting the resolution or refresh rate on the target computer may help. I'm unfamiliar with HyperV Server 2019, but if you have access to PowerShell you may be able to change the resolution with the following command:

            Set-DisplayResolution -Width 1280 -Height 720

            I appreciate this wouldn't help with BIOS access. However, many recent BIOS implementations do respect the advertised display settings so it could still be worth trying.

            1. FJohn Uhl @flyingblind
                2023-05-03 00:36:02.482Z

                Hi Charles - Thank you for your help on this, but since our need for the product was for it to be installed in a remote site with no local IT personnel, and the fact that it doesn't sync the video, even in BIOS/EFI, I don't think it will fit our needs.
                How do we proceed with an RMA for the TinyPilot ? Feel free to message me directly, if that fits the situation better.

                Thanks !

                1. Thank you for getting back to me, I’m sorry to hear that it hasn’t worked out. I’ve asked our customer support team to reach out to you with the next steps.