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Wifi vs Ethernet speed difference

By @Sanjay
    2023-05-02 23:01:52.712Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    Hi In my residence i cannot connect through the ethernet. I have only wifi connection option. What is the best best speed i can expect ?

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    1. C

      Hi @Sanjay, thanks for reaching out with your question about WiFi.

      Your TinyPilot device supports 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless networks. However, the actual speed you can expect from a wireless connection will vary depending on the network configuration, the amount of devices on the network, and your environment.

      It sounds like you might be using a shared wireless network - if that’s correct then it’s worth noting that many shared networks require you to login via a webpage which isn’t possible on a TinyPilot device. It’s also fairly common for a shared network to prevent direct connections to devices. If you are using a shared wireless network, I’d recommend checking with the network provider to see if it is compatible with a TinyPilot device.

      1. S
        In reply toSanjay:
          2023-05-03 22:53:33.254Z

          I ordered the Product may i know the usual delivery time to canada ? How many days it takes to deliver ?

          1. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve checked and devices are usually dispatched within three business days. You should receive an email update with tracking details once your order has been shipped. I hope this is helpful, but if you need any further details on delivery please let me know and I’ll arrange for our customer support team to contact you.

          2. S
            In reply toSanjay:
              2023-05-04 15:02:45.553Z


              Can I Do initial setup with Wifi? or it is mandatory to connect it with ethernet

              1. The standard process for enabling WiFi requires your TinyPilot device to already be accessible using Ethernet. However, if you have access to a microSD card reader you can use the alternative method on this thread to enable WiFi without needing to use Ethernet at all.

                1. In reply toSanjay:
                    2023-05-04 18:48:04.821Z

                    The information is good, but y it has to be done using the mobile hotspot wifi. I can use the regular wifi right ? or It is just for that customer's case ?

                    second question will get MicroSD card in my product ?

                    1. Thanks for getting back to me! You are absolutely right - the customer in the linked thread was using a hotspot, but the instructions should apply to any wireless network that uses a password.

                      second question will get MicroSD card in my product ?

                      A microSD card is included to provide the 32GB of storage mentioned on the product page. The microSD card will arrive already connected to your TinyPilot device. I appreciate the product page doesn't make that clear, so I'll check if we can change the wording.

                      1. S@Sanjay
                          2023-05-05 14:52:02.698Z

                          Based on our conversation,I want to confirm once again. I can able to connect the tinypilot without the ethernet connection at all, even in the initial process also.

                          instead i have an option to connect wifi directly using the microsd. Hope my understanding is correct

                    2. C
                      In reply toSanjay:

                      Your understanding is indeed correct. I've summarised the key points from our conversation below:

                      • Your device will ship with a 32GB microSD card included.
                      • You can perform the initial setup without Ethernet as long as:
                        • You have a microSD card reader and computer to create the wpa_supplicant.conf file.
                        • You're connecting to a 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless network.
                        • The wireless network doesn't need you to sign in using a webpage.
                        • The wireless network allows devices to communicate with each other directly.
                      • You can continue to use the same wireless network after setup.

                      I hope this helps to clarify the situation. Please let me know if you have any questions!

                      1. S@Sanjay
                          2023-05-05 17:11:13.797Z

                          Yeah perfect. Thanks for your support

                        • S
                          In reply toSanjay:
                            2023-05-05 20:35:41.197Z

                            Kindly send me any video link or document to get the step by step instructions to do the tinypilot connections for my laptop

                            1. I'd recommend working through our step-by-step product instructions in the first instance, as they cover everything you need to get started and include photographs to help illustrate each step. Since you are planning to connect using only WiFi, you would skip step 1 in the product instructions and prepare the microSD card to enable WiFi access instead. The microSD card is located just below the "PWR" and "DATA" ports.

                            2. S
                              In reply toSanjay:
                                2023-05-09 04:42:02.624Z

                                May I know still how many days it will take to deliver.. 4 business days over, still in NY. Kindly let me know the duration to canada.

                                1. I’m sorry to hear about the delivery delay and I appreciate how frustrating it can be. I’ve asked our customer support team to reach out to you to follow up on this.

                                2. S
                                  In reply toSanjay:
                                    2023-05-09 23:00:24.984Z2023-05-09 23:43:13.007Z

                                    As per our previous discussion if I use microsd to get the wifi connection how much max speed i can expect through tiny pilot. "Note: It s not mobile hotspot. Asking about home WIFI connection". My actual wifi internet speed is 40mbps

                                    kindly explain me with some examples

                                    1. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for me to say what speed your TinyPilot device will connect at. This is because, as above, the actual speed you can expect from a wireless connection will vary depending on the network configuration, the amount of devices on the network, and your environment. A good quality video stream in TinyPilot requires around 5Mbps when using H264 (recommended) or about 20Mbps for MJPEG. This means that the 40Mbps speed you mentioned would be sufficient, assuming your TinyPilot device does connect at that speed and no other restrictions are in place.

                                      1. In reply toSanjay:

                                        I'm glad you're excited to receive your new TinyPilot!

                                        Just to set expectations, we're a small company with a support engineering team of only two people available part-time. We're happy to help with issues that you run into as you use your device, but we're not able to offer concierge-level service where we're answering a new question every day before a problem has even come up.

                                        If you require a higher level of service, this may not be the right product for you. If that's the case, let me know, and our customer service team can reach out to find a different solution for you.

                                        1. S@Sanjay
                                            2023-05-10 16:23:41.024Z

                                            Thank you for the information. As i was informed that the product will be delivered in 3 business days i was asking these many queries. Yesterday only i got to know that it will take 21 business days. Though it is disappointing on that fact, I totally understand your point. Once I received my product i will ask my queries, if any.

                                            1. I think there may have been a misunderstanding about the delivery time. When we say that the product ships within three business days, that's the time it takes for the item to leave our warehouse and begin transit to you. The time it takes to arrive after it's shipped varies depending on the courier and shipping speed you choose at checkout.

                                        2. S
                                          In reply toSanjay:
                                            2023-05-19 09:57:32.892Z2023-05-19 10:28:59.652Z

                                            Hi did as per the wifi setup and inserted my microsd card in tinypilot. It is not connecting i guess. Because i couldnt able to connect to https://tinypilot/, https://tinypilot.local/, or https://tinypilot.localdomain/.

                                            1. how to check my wpa_supplicant.conf file. When i try to check the file is missing. can i create a new file and connect it ?
                                            1. I did all the connections with the target laptop. And trying to connect the tiny pilot from personal laptop

                                            2. from the installation manual i did step 1 to step 6 connection in target laptop. step 7 alone i can use the web access from personal computer or any other computer

                                            hope my understanding is correct

                                            1. Thanks for your message, I’m pleased to hear your TinyPilot device has arrived and I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble connecting.

                                              The wpa_supplicant.conf file doesn’t exist by default, so you’ll need to create it yourself by following the instructions in the other thread. The wpa_supplicant.conf file will be processed and then automatically deleted once your TinyPilot device has started up. If you need to change your Wi-Fi details you can recreate the file using the same instructions.

                                              Your TinyPilot device should automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network using the details it obtained from wpa_supplicant.conf. Please note that the first time you start your TinyPilot device it will perform an initial setup process which can take several minutes. Can you please confirm that you still can’t access your TinyPilot device after waiting for at least five minutes?

                                              If you’re still unable to access your TinyPilot device then it’s possible it wasn’t able to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Can you please log in to your router or wireless access point from a different computer and check if your TinyPilot device is listed as a connected device?

                                              1. S@Sanjay
                                                  2023-05-19 13:02:55.092Z2023-05-19 13:43:18.956Z



                                                  should i change the country from US to CANADA ? Because still its not working.

                                                  1. Thanks for getting back to me. You can change the value of country to ca to select Canada, although it’s unlikely to resolve the connectivity issue. The most likely reasons for a connection failure are incorrect credentials, insufficient wireless signal, or network restrictions. Can you please log in to your router or wireless access point from a different computer and check if your TinyPilot device is listed as a connected device?

                                              2. S
                                                In reply toSanjay:
                                                  2023-05-20 20:04:25.241Z2023-05-21 21:15:45.805Z

                                                  In my router its not showing.. but somehow I connected with ethernet cable. Its working now with ethernet.

                                                  I have one question here. How can i connect the laptop 2(where i connect with tinypilot) anywhere in the world with the Laptop 1 (Target computer) . I want to keep the Laptop1 in one country and Laptop2 in different country to access it. Is there any possible method for this ?

                                                  Hope my question is clear to you.

                                                  1. Thanks for the update, I’m pleased to hear you were able to connect.

                                                    I’d recommend reading through our article on accessing your TinyPilot device over the Internet. It contains a comparison of the various options and includes links to guides you can follow to get started. You might also want to check out the rest of our FAQ for articles that can help you to get your TinyPilot device up and running.

                                                    1. S@Sanjay
                                                        2023-05-24 21:26:15.198Z2023-05-25 13:11:56.388Z

                                                        I saw the article it is very useful. but one doubt if i do all the setup in one laptop using a Tailscale. should i connect in same internet network where ever i go ? Because that is impossible. I guess i can connect with different internet including WIFI in different countries once i setup all the things.

                                                        If I can use different network next question is once that tailscale setup is done for remote work can i access this laptop in wifi connection ? just confirm and explain how it works.

                                                        1. Tailscale operates through the Internet and so should work almost anywhere with an Internet connection. It’s worth being aware that some locations may implement Internet filtering which could block the connection, or they may have a poor quality connection that isn’t reliable or fast enough for TinyPilot.

                                                          The usual arrangement is that you have two laptops and a TinyPilot device, with Laptop A remaining at home, connected to the TinyPilot device using HDMI and USB, and Laptop B travelling with you. In this arrangement, you would need to install Tailscale on the TinyPilot device and on Laptop B.

                                                          In the scenario above the TinyPilot device and Laptop B would be able to communicate over the Internet. You would access the TinyPilot device through Tailscale from Laptop B, and the TinyPilot web interface would allow you to see and interact with Laptop A.

                                                          1. S@Sanjay
                                                              2023-05-25 15:42:16.268Z2023-05-26 00:03:23.338Z

                                                              how to connect the microphone while on a remote via Tailscale ? is there any way to connect the Audio to the target machine ?

                                                              Here is the logs :

                                                              1. CCharles Hague @cghague2023-05-26 13:20:54.714Z2023-05-26 13:32:21.214Z

                                                                The TinyPilot Voyager 2a can capture audio over HDMI and stream it to the client. Unfortunately, audio streaming is currently only supported in one direction, and so it isn’t possible to use a microphone. I believe some of our customers have experimented with third-party services, such as JackTrip, as an alternative.

                                                                is there any way to connect the Audio to the target machine ?

                                                                I’d recommend checking out our instructions on how to enable audio. It covers the setup process and explains how to troubleshoot the most common issues you may encounter.

                                                      • S
                                                        In reply toSanjay:
                                                          2023-05-29 18:06:25.500Z2023-05-29 18:40:35.294Z

                                                          How to copy document from local laptop to Target laptop ?

                                                          since my target laptop is office laptop i cant use the pendrive.

                                                          so let me know the ways to transfer the document

                                                          1. @Sanjay - I've just reached out to you about this via email.

                                                            1. Aa7673 @a7673
                                                                2024-04-03 19:06:08.604Z

                                                                @michael Is there a way to copy docs without connecting flash/external drive? Please share the instructions. I am interested too.

                                                                1. David @david2024-04-05 12:37:08.876Z

                                                                  Hi @a7673, thanks for your question!

                                                                  As far as I know, TinyPilot doesn't have a feature to transfer files between your target machine and client machine. The simplest way to handle this is likely with a cloud file storage tool.

                                                                  I hope that helps!