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Rename from "tinypilot usb" to "keyboard usb"?

By Bizzy @Bizzy211
    2021-05-08 14:21:29.651Z

    Can you create a custom build that renames the recognized device name from "tinypilot usb" to "keyboard usb"?

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    1. It's actually easy for you to change this on your device.

      Just ssh in and type the following command:

      sudo nano /opt/tinypilot-privileged/init-usb-gadget

      The line that controls how it appears to the target machine looks like this:

      echo "tinypilot" > "${STRINGS_DIR}/manufacturer"

      Note that if you update TinyPilot, the updater will overwrite this file back to the default, so you'd have to apply the change again.

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      1. BBizzy @Bizzy211
          2021-05-10 19:51:26.540Z

          That worked perfectly. Anyway to make the device show up as an encrypted usb device?

          1. I'm not sure how one would do that. My understanding is that encrypted USB devices still present themselves as normal USB devices, but an application or driver in the OS has special logic to read the encrypted data.

            If you have an example encrypted USB device, you could dump the HID descriptor and then examine what it's doing to present itself as an encrypted USB drive.

            1. BBizzy @Bizzy211
                2021-05-10 21:17:35.498Z

                Thanks for the response. Cheers!