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Is there a way to disable video capture card toshiba and use only mouse and keyboard remotely?

By @Supercell
    2023-05-05 04:16:00.462Zassigned to
    • @david

    I'm curious to know if I can control just the mouse and keyboard and disable the video capture card "Toshiba H2C" so its not being identified by my MAC. Right now it shows I have a TinyPilot Display and then also shows Toshiba H2C and also shows my audio as TSB?

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    1. David @david2023-05-05 11:13:37.169Z

      Hi @supercell, thanks for your question!

      All of those identfiers you see are from TinyPilot's display identifiers (including the audio identifier). You can read more about how TinyPilot presents itself to your target machine in our "Can anyone detect when I'm using TinyPilot?" FAQ.

      You're free to disconnect your TinyPilot's HDMI cable from your Mac to disable video and audio. You can still use your TinyPilot for keyboard input on the TinyPilot web interface. Mouse input will also still work - but it may be awkward to use since you'll need to move your mouse over the "No Signal" display on the web interface.

      Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      1. S@Supercell
          2023-05-07 21:30:46.445Z

          Thanks for your reply David - would be cool if the "no signal" screen size could be manually input and adjusted. That way, even without HDMI connection, the mouse would move within the resolution constraints set, right? Or some way to callibrate the 4 corners?

          1. David @david2023-05-08 11:31:31.266Z

            Or some way to callibrate the 4 corners?

            The "No Signal" screen's corners should already map to your target machine's corners - so your mouse will still work across your full screen size. The only difference is the scale. i.e. your mouse cursor may move faster horizontally if the sides of the "No Signal" screen are closer together compared to your target machine's screen.

            Are you having issues with the mouse on the "No Signal" screen?