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Need to flash tinypilot (not usb or micro-sd) with version 2.5.3

By @Supercell
    2023-05-21 20:38:17.863Zassigned to
    • @cghague
    1. How to flash tinypilot itself and not a usb or microsd card?
    2. how can i download the previous version 2.5.3 that worked for me? When i click download it keeps downloading 2.5.4

    any help appreciated

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    1. C

      Hi @Supercell, thanks for reaching out. It looks like you’ve posted this question in a few different threads. In the future, please keep your question to one place, as duplicate posts make it harder for us to get an answer to you quickly.

      The operating system and software for your TinyPilot device are stored on a microSD card and not on internal flash memory. You can use a computer with a microSD card reader to perform a factory reset if required. We don’t normally support or recommend downgrading using this method however. Is there a specific problem with TinyPilot Pro 2.5.4 that I can help with?