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USB Sticks supported?

By Michael Schwadorf @dez62
    2023-05-25 09:37:47.609Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    We need to mount a USB Stick or directory for data transfer.
    In real life our users take an USB Stick for data Transfer,
    but if they are in Home Office it would be better if thy could use a file share.

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    1. C

      Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out with your question about USB sticks.

      TinyPilot can be used to share a disk image with the target computer which will appear as an attached USB drive. However, this feature is a read-only and cannot be used with an actual USB stick. You might find that sharing a directory directly with the target computer over the network is a better option. A shared directory could be used by multiple users, can be read/write accessible, and may offer better performance.

      1. D
        In reply todez62:
        Michael Schwadorf @dez62
          2023-05-26 05:48:30.227Z2023-05-26 06:01:00.353Z

          A shared directory is not possible, because there is no common used network
          between TinyPilot and the via KVM connected Computer.

          We even don't want it, it's Windows 7, placed by an authority for project related use.
          Users working on the physical terminal are forced to use USB Sticks for data transfer,
          remote working users need a compareable solution.
          The data is stored in the same network the TinyPilot is, a file share in this direction is possible.
          We need a solution to share this data to the KVM Client via USB.

          1. Thanks for getting back to me. The USB connection between the TinyPilot device and the target computer doesn’t provide a network connection and virtual media is only available in read-only mode. We do have internal tickets open to look into improvements we can make in this area, but there isn’t any timeline for this. I appreciate it’s not the answer you were hoping for, but unfortunately, read/write data transfer isn’t something that is currently supported.