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WOL Wake-On-LAN?

By sizz0p m0dem @sizz0p
    2021-05-10 03:38:52.886Z

    Hi. Apologies is this has already been asked. I searched and didn't see anything. I just ordered your kit a few hours ago and am reading.

    I know that you can't interact directly with powering the machine on and off, but have you thought about making or is there a button for Wake-on-LAN? I already setup my server for WOL in prep for this arriving.

    Also, this would be harder I think, but if there was a way to issue shell commands from the browser someone could "systemctl hibernate" or "systemctl suspend" to control the power state of their machine from a web app.

    Can tinypilot already do this? Thanks!

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    1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-10 19:25:25.600Z2022-02-17 22:29:23.945Z

      Update: TinyPilot now supports Wake on LAN

      Thanks for your order!

      TinyPilot doesn't have native support for WOL yet, but it's possible to control if you SSH into the system and send the WOL packet. LearnLinuxTV demonstrated how to do it in their review of TinyPilot (starting at 5:07):

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        In reply tosizz0p:
        sizz0p m0dem @sizz0p
          2021-05-10 20:43:21.252Z

          Hi Michael. Thanks for your reply. I plan on sending a wol packet from the pi to my primary server.

          (If you do end up looking into making a WOL button, dd-wrt has that functionality. I may take a peek at what dd-wrt was doing on an old gateway or something...)

          Anyway, I look forward to setting this up and using it. I have gone weeks without making BIOS changes because I didn't feel like swapping dusty cables around, and this will give me something like IPMI on my headless consumer hardware server, so I don't have to swap dusty cables.