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Service doesn't start after install

By Jeremy @fabltd2021-05-11 11:55:22.107Z


I have used the quick install script. I see a 502 Bad Gateway error and the log shows the following:

Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: tinypilot, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", upstream: "", host: ""

My guess is the service is not running but you don't say how to check this or what to check for. Any help please?

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-11 12:00:51.522Z

    Can you try sharing your debug logs?

    sudo /opt/tinypilot-privileged/collect-debug-logs

    What OS are you installing this on?

    1. FJeremy @fabltd2021-05-11 12:12:52.749Z

      Hi Michael


      Raspberry PI OS.

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-11 15:15:38.806Z

        That's a strange error, as the server is failing to start because a piece of Flask is missing.

        Can you try re-running quick-install?

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      In reply tofabltd:
      Jeremy @fabltd2021-05-11 15:59:20.531Z


      I assume its running in its own virtual env so other apps on the box shouldn't cause an issue?

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-11 16:01:33.763Z

        Correct, though it'll cause conflicts if they're using the same ports.

        1. FJeremy @fabltd2021-05-11 16:02:30.522Z

          What ports are used?

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        In reply tofabltd:
        Jeremy @fabltd2021-05-11 16:02:01.988Z
        1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-11 16:19:56.370Z

          It seems like something might be misconfigured on your system so that your global libraries are overriding TinyPilot's virtualenv in /opt/tinypilot.

          This StackOverflow thread might be helpful:

          1. FJeremy @fabltd2021-05-11 16:56:18.642Z


            How do I restart tinypilot to check?

            1. FJeremy @fabltd2021-05-11 17:03:34.557Z


              Flask is not installed in my global libraries.

              1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-11 17:38:14.517Z

                Flask is not installed in my global libraries.

                That would be surprising. How are you verifying that?

                Can you try on a clean install of Raspberry Pi OS?

                1. FJeremy @fabltd2021-05-11 17:55:53.294Z


                  I cannot clean install as this PI runs serveral other services but none using flask.

                  pip3 list is what i used.

                  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-11 22:20:42.664Z

                    If this happens on a clean install of Raspberry Pi OS, that's a TinyPilot bug. If this is happening because of some other app or change to the system configuration, it's hard for me to diagnose the problem.

                    Another possible place to look is the system's PATH and PYTHONPATH environment variables.

        2. Progress
        3. F
          Jeremy @fabltd2021-05-11 15:13:10.655Z

          Any update?