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Black screen

By Patrick Cudahy @pgcudahy
    2021-05-11 22:11:17.126Z

    I've set up my tinypilot and can connect to it via a web browser. The mouse and keyboard are communicating with the host machine, but the screen is only showing black. I've reseated all the connections several times as well as rebooted. I'm using a kit from the website so everything should be supported. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

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      Patrick Cudahy @pgcudahy
        2021-05-11 22:19:46.081Z

        Doh! Rebooting the host fixed it.

        1. In reply topgcudahy:

          Glad it's working! This is a common problem, though, so I should write a troubleshooting guide for diagnosing different reasons for the screen not appearing.