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Tinypilot shows up as the audio device on windows for connected computer....

By Murmad Man @manimgoindowndown
    2023-07-07 19:52:25.924Z2023-07-07 23:53:48.398Zassigned to
    • @david

    it is the output do I disable it? or at least put it as 'speakers' or something more generic sounding

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    1. David @david2023-07-10 12:01:57.709Z

      Hi @manimgoindowndown, thanks for your question.

      TinyPilot shows up as an audio device because TinyPilot 2a devices support audio streaming as well as display streaming. In order for TinyPilot to stream the audio, the target machine needs to use TinyPilot as the audio device. Naming the audio device 'TinyPilot' makes this easy for users to select the correct audio device.

      It's possible to change the device name by using TinyPilot's alternate EDID which presents the device's product name as Toshiba-H2C. I'd recommend disconnecting your TinyPilot from your target machine when changing the EDID so that the EDID negotiation can take place when you reconnect your TinyPilot to the target machine.

      If the device name still reads TinyPilot after changing the EDID, you may need to 'uninstall' the TinyPilot device in Windows to force the target machine to read the product name again when you reconnect your TinyPilot:

      • Open the Windows “Device Manager” using Windows search.
      • Expand the section labelled “Audio inputs and outputs”.
      • Right click on the entry for your TinyPilot device.
      • Choose “Uninstall”.
      • If prompted, confirm that you wish to proceed.
      • Disconnect the HDMI and USB-A to USB-C cables from your TinyPilot device.
      • Wait 30 seconds, then re-connect the HDMI and USB-A to USB-C cables.

      I hope that helps!