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multiple TinyPilots on same network

By Mark Hodsdon @mhodsdon
    2021-05-12 21:46:26.119Z

    Received 4 new TinyPilots and want to install all 4 on the same network. Looking for some guidance and/or directions to make each unit unique. I think the hostname needs to be unique but not sure how to accomplish that task or if that is the correct solution.
    thanks, -mark

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    1. Thanks for your order!

      Yes, you just need to update the hostname on each device before connecting other TinyPilots to the same network. TinyPilots all ship with the default hostname of tinypilot, so if multiple devices are on the same network claiming that hostname, it will cause DHCP conflicts.

      You can change the name by going to System > Hostname and entering a new hostname. It takes 30-60 seconds for TinyPilot to change the hostname, update its TLS certificates, and reboot with the new name.

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        In reply tomhodsdon:
        Mark Hodsdon @mhodsdon
          2021-05-12 22:50:54.908Z

          This worked perfectly. I was thinking I needed to ssh into TinyPilot to make the changes (ie /etc/hosts) and didn't realize this should be done using the TinyPilot web-page. Took me a min to realize this, once I made the change then appreciated not having to make changes at the command line. Thanks! -mark

          1. Great! Glad to hear it's working smoothly!