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Sometimes space key is not detected...

By @drkrk9
    2023-07-14 15:33:06.461Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    Just a heads up, I was having issues with my space key not being detected every so often (the key registered in the bottom right corner of the tinypilot session but was colored in red).
    After checking if it was my keyboard, my browser, my USB cables, SD card corruption... I tracked down the main issue.
    In the latest PowerToys updates (for Windows), there is a new feature called 'Quick Accent'. If you enable this feature, you will see this issue happening with tinypilot... just disable it.

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    1. D
      In reply todrkrk9:
        2023-07-14 15:38:33.221Z

        This is fixed

        1. C
          In reply todrkrk9:

          Hi @drkrk9, thank you for contacting us about the “Quick Accent” tool and sharing your solution.

          I’ve looked into this issue, and it appears that the “Quick Accent” tool uses the space bar as an activation key, which may be leading to the failed inputs you are seeing. Disabling the “Quick Accent” tool should solve the issue, but if you’d prefer to keep it enabled, you can use the tool settings to choose an alternative activation key.

          Once again, thank you for taking the time to share this with us, we really appreciate it!

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