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Can't connect to tiny pilot

By @ltb
    2023-07-20 18:12:40.294Z

    I have the Voyager 2a.

    None of the following addresses resolve.

    I don't see an ip address for the tinypilot when looking at the routers dhcp table.

    The status lights on the device are solid red and solid green.
    The lights on the ethernet port are solid green and solid amber.

    I have reflashed the micro sd card a few times and let the boot go 5+ min each time.

    I have tried a different ethernet cable that I know works.

    Any ideas for next trouble shooting steps?

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    1. @fft2023-07-21 06:25:09.178Z

      Hi @ltk,
      If the ethernet lights are solid, than there is something wrong (in very rare occasions the ehternet cable is not plugged in correctly; I had this on my own). When everything is ok, the lights are blinking. So my first guess would be, that there is a software problem, due to a micro sd card problem. You should flash the micro SD card again, and than try again (before making sure it is not such a simple thing as broken ethernet cable). On the first boot be sure to wait 4 minutes (usually it is less, but if you are too much in a hurry, and switch down the machine, than the SD card might get corrupt again.) I usually get a coffee, have a chat, and than it is booted :-) This is only during the first boot. After the first boot every boot is faster.
      So make things short: I would try a factory reset after checking the ethernet cable, see how it's done:
      wait at the first boot long. Than usually problems are gone. (Never hat any "real" problems here in the EU.