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PS2 interfaces + VGA

By Bradley Gibson @bradoz72021-05-17 04:03:29.470Z

What adapters can be used to interface this unit to a KVM that uses PS2 & VGA , I believe there is a VGA>HDMI solution , which one is know to work well & what USB>PS2 Keyboard and mouse emulator are available and work well with this unit ?

many thanks in advance,

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-18 17:36:26.980Z

    Unfortunately, I haven't tested any USB to PS2 solutions. You're working with a server that predates USB?

    I think the best you'd possibly get is that TinyPilot would be able to forward keyboard input but nothing else. It's possible that it won't work at all because the TinyPilot is actually emulating a USB hub with a keyboard and mouse attached, so a simple USB to PS2 converter likely wouldn't support that.

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      In reply tobradoz7:
      Bradley Gibson @bradoz72021-05-18 17:47:31.417Z

      Greetings Michael , as stated , it's a KVM unit I am wanting to control , not a one-2-one computer remote senario.

      There are very few TRUE USB to PS2 interfaces around , the adapters most certainly won't work as they just are just redefining pins on different connectors and it's actually the USB keyboards that start "talking" PS2 when they see that adapter , I was thinking more of (needs MALE sex'd PS2 as it "emulates" a PS K/B & PS Mouse


      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-18 19:22:01.724Z

        Oh, sorry I missed that it was a KVM.

        My gut feeling is that those PS2 to USB converters wouldn't work with TinyPilot, but if you are able to test them, I'd be interested in hearing your results.