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Setup with a MacBook Pro as the target machine

By Blake Watson @blake
    2021-05-18 18:41:04.337Z

    Just got the TinyPilot Voyager. I have it connected to a MBP via a USB-C to HDMI cable. I have the data connection to the MBP via the microUSB to USB-A cable that came with the Voyager via a USB-A to USB-C adapter.

    I can access the web app but I’m not getting a signal from the display and as far as I can tell, keystrokes aren’t being sent.

    Wondering if it has to do with MBP not having a dedicated display output. I don’t know. I'm admittedly a little outside my comfort zone here.

    Here are my debug logs:

    Any help is appreciated.

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    1. In reply toblake:

      Hmm, I haven't tested with a MacBook Pro, but I believe TinyPilot users have done this successfully.

      I have it connected to a MBP via a USB-C to HDMI cable

      Is the connection MacBook Pro -> USB-C output -> TinyPilot HDMI input?

      Have you configured the MacBook Pro to output a display through a USB-C port? Is there a physical display you have available where you could test what happens when you connect the MBP's USB-C to HDMI connector to that?

      Are you sure that the MacBook Pro is

      What model MacBook Pro?

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        Blake Watson @blake
          2021-05-19 15:18:39.297Z

          I’ve ordered a microUSB to USB C cable just so I can connect without that adapter I mentioned.