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Tinypilot showing disconnected.

By @mohilp
    2023-09-15 13:38:15.535Zassigned to
    • @david


    I was using tiny pilot from couple months but from today I am getting error on left side of the screen that it is disconnected, and I cannot click on any buttons with my computer. What is the solution of this problem.

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    2. M
        2023-09-15 13:46:23.818Z

        It is showing me " Your browser is currently unable to connect to your tiny pilot device over the network"

        And I only click on help drop down buttons nothing else.

        1. David @david2023-09-15 18:23:42.220Zreplies tomohilp:

          Hi @mohilp, I'm sorry your TinyPilot is showing as disconnected.

          When your TinyPilot displays the "Disconnected" status, it's often because your TinyPilot is no longer connected to the network.

          Can you confirm that your TinyPilot is receiving power? If it is, you should see a solid red LED next to a green LED that flashes periodically.

          Could you also check that both your TinyPilot and client machine are on the same local network? It's possible that your TinyPilot is on one network while your client machine is on a different network (perhaps on a different WiFi network.)

          1. M
              2023-09-17 23:30:49.406Zreplies todavid:

              I checked that.

              Both are in same network and connected with internet.

              It was working fine just 1 day before and now it is showing disconnected.

              I changed data , HDMI and LAN cables too. But it is still showing same error.

              1. David @david2023-09-18 11:38:22.981Zreplies tomohilp:

                Thanks for checking all of that, @mohilp.

                Could you close all of your TinyPilot web interface browser tabs / windows, reboot your TinyPilot, and then try accessing the TinyPilot web interface once your TinyPilot has booted?

                If you still see the same 'Disconnected' indicator on the bottom left-hand side of the screen after this, can you take a screenshot and share it in your reply?

                1. M
                    2023-09-18 20:34:51.247Zreplies todavid:
                    1. David @david2023-09-19 11:31:23.701Zreplies tomohilp:

                      Thanks for the screenshot, @mohilp.

                      When you access your TinyPilot's web interface, do you see the green "Connected" indicator at all before it changes to "Disconnected"?

                      Do you have SSH access to your TinyPilot? If you do, can you SSH into your TinyPilot and generate a log for me using the following command?

                      sudo /opt/tinypilot-privileged/collect-debug-logs

                      The command will gather the logs and then prompt you to upload them to the TinyPilot server. Once uploaded, can you share the link in your reply?

                      1. M
                          2023-09-20 14:35:48.792Zreplies todavid:

                          It is showing disconnected only from beginning.

                          I do not have access to any button, I can not click on anything or even I am clicking it is not doing anything.

                          1. David @david2023-09-20 17:38:16.768Zreplies tomohilp:

                            Thanks for the confirmation!

                            This is an odd issue that I haven't seen before, so it's difficult to determine exactly what the issue is.

                            Your screenshot is missing the typical "No Signal" screen that we'd normally see, and the streaming mode indicator is also missing. So I have a feeling this might be filesystem corruption, but presenting itself in a way that I haven't seen before.

                            Can you try re-flashing your TinyPilot's SD card to reset your device to it's factory state?

                            Please let me know if you have any questions.

                            1. M
                                2023-09-21 14:32:55.833Zreplies todavid:

                                I already take the card and put that back in.
                                I can only do that, I am not sure rest of the steps if I can follow or not. Can you just send me new one and I send back this to you?
                                Or I can send this to you and you fix it and send back to me.

                                What are my options?

                                1. M
                                    2023-09-21 15:03:28.202Zreplies todavid:

                                    Now getting This

                                    1. David @david2023-09-22 11:11:25.896Zreplies tomohilp:

                                      Thanks for sharing that screenshot - based on this screenshot and the previous one, I'm pretty confident that this issue is due to filesystem corruption.

                                      Since you're unable to re-flash the microSD card, I've asked our customer support team to help get a new microSD card to you. You should receive an email from them soon.

                                      Please let me know if you have any questions.