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tinypilot unable to open database file error

By Sunny Ch @Sunny143
    2023-09-15 19:18:34.986Zassigned to
    • @david

    Hello as i was using Tinypilot normally i started receiving this error. I then went ahead and restarted my Tinypilot Multiple times but now it is not even gettung discovered in my Network.

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    1. S
      Sunny Ch @Sunny143
        2023-09-15 21:14:02.655Z

        Also i have confirmed that ethernet cable is in working condition as well as power cable and data cable. I only have sungle wifi network so there shouldn't be any network discrepencies. Please if you can help out with the next steps.

        1. In reply toSunny143:
          David @david2023-09-18 11:21:58.285Z

          Hi @sunny143, sorry you're running into this database file error.

          And thanks for sharing all those details!

          Unfortunately, it sounds like your TinyPilot's filesystem could be corrupt - especially since the file cannot be found and your network can't discover your TinyPilot. I suspect your TinyPilot can't boot properly due to the corruption.

          In this case, I would recommend that you re-flash your TinyPilot's microSD card to restore your TinyPilot to a working state.

          Once you're back up and running, I'd recommend that you enable TinyPilot's read-only filesystem to help reduce the chances of encountering similar issues in the future.

          I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.