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Idiots Guide to TinyPilot?

By @Reciever
    2023-09-17 03:04:53.394Zassigned to
    • @david

    Good Evening!

    I was originally brought here via the now deprecated project known as Key MIME Pi.

    USE CASE: I am using daisy chained USB Synchronizers where, at a hardware level, all they do is repeat my keyboard input. Generally speaking, I use these to move a large number of systems forward in various activities. Anything related to SCCM, MDT, AutoPilot, Intune, or manual PC set up's. The problem is that the USB synchronizers themselves are quite fragile in the face of the mileage that I put them through. As such I had been looking for a means to be able to not need any reason for anyone to touch them.

    Enter Key MIME Pi, or now TinyPilot. I guess the first thing I should ask is this. Is TinyPilot compatible with the Pi Zero W? Or do I need to pick up a Pi 4?

    To be clear I dont want any additional function beyond what the Key MIME Pi that was originally demo'ed on YouTube.

    Thus far I have been able to install PiOS via there Imager tool, then login via PuTTY to install python3-venv then following with copy/paste the code presented here: . I do notice that the device does not reboot after its complete with the tasks the copied code seems to trigger. After manually rebooting the device I am unable to connect to the device via the web browser. The browser used us Brave, WaterFox, and Edge with and without the :8000

    I am not very experienced with Pi's in general so I apologize if I am missing anything obvious. Is there something I am missing here or perhaps is the Pi Zero W not compatible for TinyPilot?

    Thanks in advance, appreciate any assistance I can get for this.

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    1. David @david2023-09-19 11:14:30.580Z2023-09-19 11:47:12.671Z

      Hi @reciever, thanks for your questions!

      Is TinyPilot compatible with the Pi Zero W? Or do I need to pick up a Pi 4?

      TinyPilot is only officially supported on Raspberry Pi 4B. The Pi Zero series should be able to run TinyPilot as well (since it has USB OTG), though performance is slow, so we don’t offer official support for that hardware. You can find discussion of users experimenting with other hardware on our Github discussions. There may also be discussion of the Pi Zero W here on the forums, so it's worth searching.

      As for the issues installing TinyPilot community, the lack of reboot after running the install command suggests that the install script failed for some reason. If you have access to the output, there may be some hints pointing towards the issue. Unfortunately, since you're attempting to run on unsupported hardware, I can't offer much more help.

      I hope that helps!

      1. R@Reciever
          2023-09-19 11:44:06.811Z

          Thank You very much! I had a feeling that might be the case. I will try again with Key-MIME-Pi just to get a proof of concept for my leadership to observe otherwise I will look into picking up a Pi 4B.

          Thanks again for confirming, I really do appreciate it!