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Remote work Internationally

By MJ1 @MJ1
    2023-09-21 22:27:15.862Z

    i am planning to go back to my country for couple months, and trying to access my work laptop which is gonna be at my house in NY USA,
    is this device gonna be helpful if connecting from other country and do the work in USA without my company knowing it?

    or if there's any other solution please let me know, thanks .

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    1. @fft2023-09-22 05:56:54.956Z

      TinyPilot can give you full control over the Laptop, "as if you where sitting at it". So in general "yes".
      But you have to take into account
      a.) Video picture you see will have a limited size ( 1920x1080 )
      b.) You have a latency of 200ms. So if you are planning to program "over internet with TinyPilot", it is not really perfect, if you type really slow it might work :-)

      Other than that, TinyPilot could be the solution, if you plan doing things like "checking things on the laptop", ... it really depends on what you plan to do. Don't hesitate to tell me more, and I can give a more detailed answer.,


      1. MMJ1 @MJ1
          2023-09-23 11:17:40.104Z

          Thanks much for your reply,

          a) screen size i can manage that, at least its better than nothing, but
          b) when it comes to latency, i am basically a sys admin, mostly on daily basis i use Linux, kubernetes, Jenkins, gerrit to maintain the servers, and join Meetings on MSTeams, little bit latency should be fine, but if its something huge then definitely its gonna be a deal breaker,
          am glad you brought these points up. do you think with my type of job it will be not so difficult to access or use this device?

          Thanks much for your time.

          1. @fft2023-09-25 05:52:02.409Z

            according to b). TinyPilot is done for sysadmin work. so thins should not be a problem. But I do not understand how/why you could use TinyPilot for teams. My assumption:
            Remote Laptop, connected to TinyPilot. This Laptop is doing the teams session. You connect to TinyPilot from "wherever" in the world and would like to work on the teams version with video and audio call. Right?
            If this is your plan, this won't work, as there is no audio "transfer" from the machine you are using to TinyPilot. It is like a TV, where you hear the sound from remote, but you still cannot talk to the people "in TV".

            I personally would always do things like teams in the most direct way, which is a VPN IMHO in this case.


            1. MMJ1 @MJ1
                2023-09-26 17:57:58.197Z


                You're correct, the plan is to work from anywhere in the world with audio Only (No video required), For applications like Teams that require audio and video, a direct connection via VPN would indeed be the most efficient solution.


          2. Z
            In reply toMJ1:
            Santosh Krishnan @Zantosh
              2023-09-26 09:12:23.868Z

              Connect with my via DM. There's more to it than just using tinypilot.

              1. MMJ1 @MJ1
                  2023-09-26 15:52:30.687Z

                  Hi Santosh,

                  seems like you been using Tiny Pilot for long time now with the same type of scenario which i am planning to go for. it will be very helpful for me to start off with your guide and suggestion. i would like to connect with you but i dont see an option to send DM,

                  1. MRaj @Mvtech123
                      2024-01-18 07:34:41.979Z

                      Hello Santosh could u please message me on my USA niumber,, I would need assistance on Tiny pilot

                      Regard Raj

                  2. A
                    In reply toMJ1:
                    a7673 @a7673
                      2024-01-18 21:50:52.378Z2024-01-18 23:39:04.740Z

                      Hi @Zantosh
                      If you have figured out the Audio (mic over IP) and/or Video Cam (over IP) please do let me know, I would like to connect with you.
                      I have been researching for solutions to these, but havent found any reliable/working solution.


                      1. MRaj @Mvtech123
                          2024-01-18 22:45:13.135Z

                          The only solution I could think of is to install Teams on your phone. Connect the Phone Directly to the Travel Router with VPN. Get a reliable VPN connection to jump Server in your USA City. Connect your phone directly to the Travel router with a VPN and now u will have Video and Audio