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Can't connect to tinypilot via web

By Taylor @umguy12
    2023-09-28 13:04:19.801Zassigned to
    • @david

    I have a tinypilot that has been working great for a few months but recently stopped. We're unable to connect to it via any of the 3 listed urls. I've read most of the other posts on here about what to try. Here's what I've found:

    We can see the tinypilot on the network:

    The website still reports a connection time out if I try to visit

    I've confirmed we can ping it:

    I've previously used ssh to connect but now when I try, it fails:

    I'm stuck. What should I try next?

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    1. David @david2023-09-28 16:29:48.970Z

      Hi @lafritay, I'm sorry you're unable to connect to your TinyPilot.

      Thanks so much for your detailed information!

      Since your TinyPilot is on the network and ping-able, it sounds like the device is powered on and booted. However, because you cannot access the web interface and cannot connect with ssh, it feels like this may be filesystem corruption, unfortunately.

      I've found that filesystem corruption often affects access to the web interface, and it's not uncommon for filesystem corruption to impact ssh access either.

      There are a couple of options here. The first is to re-flash your microSD card with a fresh TinyPilot image.

      If you cannot flash your SD card, the other option is to flash a TinyPilot image to a USB drive and boot via USB instead of the SD card. If you want to boot via USB, you just need to remove the SD card so that your device falls back to USB boot.

      I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.

      1. UTaylor @umguy12
          2023-09-29 13:56:04.954Z

          Hi David,

          Thanks for the quick reply. I'd like to try to boot via USB (since I don't have the hardware for flashing the microSD). It looks like the instructions for booting via USB require you to SSH to the machine to change the boot order. If I can't SSH into the machine to do that, does that mean the USB option won't work? Or, will the tinypilot fall back to USB if the microSD card isn't present?


          1. David @david2023-09-29 14:42:38.620Z

            will the tinypilot fall back to USB if the microSD card isn't present?

            Exactly - if your TinyPilot doesn't detect an SD card, it will try and boot from other media instead. In this case USB. The instructions I linked to describe how to boot to USB preferentially over the SD card. You might want to run through that guide after booting from USB to improve boot time if you don't plan on using the SD card.

            So if you flash the TinyPilot image to a USB drive, you can simply insert it into your TinyPilot and your TinyPilot will fall back to booting from USB (just remember to remove the SD card first).

            Please let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions.