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Moving locations with tinypilot

By @gripsed23
    2023-09-28 13:47:19.523Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    Right now, my tinypilot is in USA, and I am connecting my computer to it from another country. If someone moves the tinypilot to a different location for me in USA, will my computer still be able to connect?

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    1. C

      Hi @gripsed23, thanks for your great question about moving a TinyPilot device!

      Several factors could affect whether moving a TinyPilot device from one location to another will work without any setting changes, including the network configuration at the origin and destination and the method you use to access your TinyPilot device.

      If, for example, you use a cloud-access service and the network at both locations uses auto-configuration (known as DHCP), then there is a good chance that you could move the TinyPilot device and it would work without any modifications.

      I'd be happy to advise further if you'd like to share more details about which remote access method you use to access your TinyPilot device!

      1. G@gripsed23
          2023-09-29 11:41:57.180Z

          Yes. I use tailscale as my cloud-access service. So no modifications have to be done? I can just move it without any issues?

          1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Tailscale should work as long as the TinyPilot device can connect to the Internet via a local network, which means that as long as both networks are using DHCP, you should be able to move your TinyPilot device to the new network without any issues.