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4K60 Local Video Source Idea!

By Alexander B @aab641
    2023-10-03 19:01:22.683Zassigned to
    • @david

    I have an idea for being able to use 4K at 60fps if you have a high end capture card.

    Suppose we have 3 computers and a capture card that supports 4K @ 60FPS

    • 1 Windows computer
    • 1 Mac computer
    • 1 RaspberryPi

    Proposed TinyPilot Configuration
    The RaspberryPi is in gadget mode and can send USB commands to the Mac computer.
    The windows computer is the client connecting to TinyPilot to control the Mac through the raspberryPi
    Now the unique part is that the windows computer has an Elgato 4K60 Capture card.
    The TinyPilot UI just needs to be able to accept a video feed from a local source, not from the TinyPilot server.
    So the TinyPilot UI loads from the server. The UI then has the ability to select a custom local video-feed which it pulls from the elgato 4K 60 FPS video source.
    The TinyPilot just needs to be able to handle the bigger resolution with regards to mouse X/Y coordinates.

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    1. A
      Alexander B @aab641
        2023-10-03 19:09:38.728Z

        The Raspberry Pi would do zero video encoding. The HDMI from the Macintosh goes straight into the capture card on the Windows machine. The client-side TinyPilot-UI just displays the local video feed and then the keystrokes/mouse are UDP packets to the Pi which controls the Mac.

        1. David @david2023-10-04 12:01:52.805Z

          Hi @aab641, thanks so much for your suggestion!

          It's definitely a cool idea to use a separate capture card to allow TinyPilot to display 4K60 using a local video feed! This sounds technically possible, and potentially useful for users with target machines that can't output at TinyPilot's supported resolutions.

          Although the setup you describe is cool, it's also very niche. So I don't think this is something we plan to implement ourselves, unfortunately. Having said that, if this is something you're interested in implementing yourself, we'd be more than happy to answer questions about TinyPilot's code / architecture on the forum!

          Thanks again for your suggestion! Please let me know if you have any questions.

          1. AAlexander B @aab641
              2023-10-05 17:43:15.014Z

              Thanks for the quick response. I can take a swing at this for sure. It doesn't seem like a lot of work.
              I suppose it is sort of a niche use-case for people have to work on two laptops for work and they can't RDP because the laptops have managed policies.
              I use the TinyPilot even though I am within arms reach of all machines.

              1. David @david2023-10-06 11:04:10.012Z

                You're welcome! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the implementation.