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Touch support

By Luca Soldaini @soldni
    2021-05-20 02:57:37.465Z

    Hello! I’ve tried using the tinypilot web UI on my iPad and iPhone and found out that I can’t seem to be able to click; tapping the screen video only moves the cursor. Is there a way to enable touch support? If not, is it a planned feature?

    Thank you!

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    1. Thanks for reporting this!

      TinyPilot is only supported officially on desktop at the moment. There are some mobile features, but they're community-supported.

      1. XMirko Geissler @xadh00m
          2021-06-04 12:00:36.099Z

          Hi Michael,

          I´m following this project for quiet some time now and try to persuade my client to buy a few TinyPilots for show cases. He currently employs touch displays currently connected with IP Ninjar KVMs to switch between video/usb sources. I´would prefer a TinyPilot as sink to manage sources inside a Web Context directly.

          Is touch support something you have on your roadmap? Could you please provide a link to the community-supported version you mentioned?

          Kind regards,

          1. Thanks for reaching out!

            The community-supported version is here:


            Touch support isn't on the short-term roadmap because there hasn't been enough demand, but I'd prioritize it if a customer was interested in a bulk purchase and needed touch support.

            1. P@pseudobob
                2021-12-10 02:26:34.703Z

                I would love to be able to use this with my iPad. It seems really close, just need to add left-click support as far as I can tell.

          2. W
            In reply tosoldni:
            Randy Chapman @wilbur4321
              2021-12-21 20:36:57.990Z

              I won't be buying bulk, sorry, but I would absolutely love this feature, and would even contribute $25 towards a bounty for it. Or, I might find some time to try working on it myself as a good learning thing.

              1. We don't have a bounty program at the moment.

                I think it would be possible for an external dev to contribute. You'd need to handle touch events in a similar way to how we currently handle mouse events

              2. A
                In reply tosoldni:
                  2021-12-28 16:59:58.999Z

                  I too have encountered this need. For now I have to have a dedicated PC which I VNC or JumpDesktop into from a mobile device to translate the touch ==> Web App with its web browser up. Hopefully in the future this can happen. I’m not enough of a JavaScript guru to tackle this alone