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write boot image to larger SD Card

By @trevorhu
    2023-10-10 00:48:51.932Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I have followed: to write the image to a new, larger SDCard. I want to have a copy of an iso on the SDCard to use to image the machine the tiny pilot is connected to.
    My SDCard is larger than needed (512GB), but only is recognizing a capacity of 267.4 MB.

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    1. C

      Hi @trevorhu, thanks for reaching out with your question about using a larger microSD card.

      The TinyPilot disk image splits the storage space on your microSD card into two separate virtual disks using a technique known as partitioning. The first small disk partition, around 250MB, contains the files needed to start your TinyPilot device, whereas the second larger disk partition stores the rest of the operating software and files. Unfortunately, some computers only see the first disk partition.

      However, the TinyPilot app saves ISO images uploaded using the Virtual Media feature to the larger disk partition, which means you can still benefit from your larger microSD card. You can access the Virtual Media feature by going to System, then Virtual Media.